Sunday, September 6, 2009

Raggedy Annarchy's Guide to the Universe and Vegan Baking

raggedy annarachy's guide to vegan baking and the universe
By: Kai in Sacramento, California
Availability: I can't find any active distro for this zine. The zine is marked as "copy freely" so it's quite possible that it could come back to life at some point, but for now it's resting peacefully.
Format: vertical half size / rubberband spine
Size: 88 pages / 57 recipes

5 Recipes to Intrigue:
Coffee Cream Frosting
Old Fashioned Raisin Pie
Applesauce Granola Cookies
Frosted Pumpkin Nut Cookies
Sour "Cream" Peach Pie

It changed my life: Penuche Frosting p. 29
Super Duper Ranty-Rantistic (I find some rants in this zine more entertaining than others. For example "your consumerism makes us sick-a puke-in at arden fair mall" sandwiched between the cake and frosting sections all at once fills me with great horror and chest puffing pride. An excerpt:
"...the first puker, chucky babe, stepped up to a mall attendent and asked with a totally white face where he might find a restroom, QUICK! then 'blahgggrrggoouuuugghhhbbllaa. fuck your consumeristic blllluuuuuurrrrgggggaaaa!!'"
The rant about her BFF's homebirth, eh, not so much. I don't know about the muffin man (he sounds way creepy), but raggedy annarchy has gotten me through more birthday celebrations than anything else on planet earth. This is my most used zine, food stained through and through, with a rotting rubberband holding it all together.



  1. the arden fair mall is in sacramento! this was maybe the work of an angry vegan in the wasteland of california's capital city? that'd be amazing.

  2. kittee, i love you and I miss you and I am happy you are posting your goofy zine reviews.


  3. I had it for a long time. I bought it same online veg people that sold the "Soy Milk?" sticker, but that isn't around anymore. It was only three years ago and I bought it b/c you mentioned it on pakupaku. But I sent it to my PPK vegan swap partner. S'okay, I need to cut wayyyyy back on baked goods.

  4. this one was by kai, this punk rocker anarchist in sacramento circa 1993 or something. the puke in happened! at arden fair! this one is basically impossible to find, but i'd LOVE to get another copy since mine has been through a fire, literally, and the copy of a copy of a copy was hard to read to begin with. anyway: that almond cake! easy peasy potluck fave!


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