Friday, September 4, 2009

Gay Cookzine Parade: GasTank

gastank cookzine

I got my first vegan cookzine back in 1956, when I was just about to become a sweet dew-haired Bat Mitzvah. I have a bunch of 'em now, and I have a lot of super-not vegan vintage promotional recipe books too. I think the latter're sorta the great-great-great-grand pappies of the modern cookzine, but with a heavy promotional/commercial angle and lots of gelatin and dead things.

For kicks and posterity and because I need to exercise the effin' flab from this blog (Vegan Mofo's coming next month!), I'm gonna document 'em here, well some of 'em at least. Consider this a sorta temporary cookzine temple of half review half library catalog for the next little while. Much obliged.
By: Jessica
Availability: /
Format: vertical half size / stapled spine
Size: 88 pages / 119 recipes

5 Recipes to Intrigue:
Chuck Wagon Tortillas
Eggplant Fries
Spicy Apple Softies

It changed my life: Peanut Butter Crispie Cake p. 73
Rant-Free Content

I don't cook from the cookzines much, I'm way more likely to pull one down to admire, or remember or just to browse through for a looksie. GasTank I reach for frequently, so many good ideas and lots of veganized European Grandma Recipes--triple score. Also, Jessica is the genius behind rice crispie double layer cakes, c'mon.



  1. Veganized grandma recipes sound like just the delicious trick!

  2. Yay, you're back blogging Kitee!

    I didn't realize that you were around in '56. I hear it was a good year for bat mitzvahs.

  3. YESSS... so glad you're back. Can't wait to see what you're cooking up for veganmofo.

  4. Whew! Thought you had fallen off an edge somewhere!!!

  5. That peanut butter crispy cake sure sounds good. But I bet it can't beat the recipes in my "Joys of Jello" book. J of J is probably what they use in hospital food service, judging from personal experience. My brother was born in '56. Good year.

  6. 1956? Wow! You look way too young for that.
    I love cookzines...they are like mini-time capsules of veganess.

    Glad to see you blogging again.

  7. 1956? It is so great to know that vegan cookzines can be that old. I'd love to see the recipe for Kartoffelklöße...who would have thought of a German recipe in such an old zine.

  8. You kittee-come-lately, I was collecting vegan zines in the 40's! Glad you're posting again. I missed you!

  9. I love having cookzines because they travel well. For example, yours is the only vegan cookbook I brought to Europe!

    That one looks old-school cool!

  10. hey kittee,

    good to see you back. and you're not fooling me--naw sistah! you did not bat mitzvah that year. besides, no one knew what 'zines or vegans were back then.

    xo jewbacca

  11. This is my #1 A++++++ favorite cook book hands down. I used it more than any other cookbook, website, zine, all combined. My favorite recipe is the enchilada recipe. Damn. I need to make that tonight.

    Did you know she has a lil dessert zine called Leave Room? I had to reorder GasTank cause my old one was temporarily lost and I panicked and she sent me a copy of it.


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