Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Work In Progress Wednesday

Since I'm stuck mostly in bed today (I caught someone's horrid head cold), why not three for three? Besides, I haven't posted a Work in Progress Wednesday since Mardi Gras.

First up is a little baby set I put together. This set is actually finished, but since I'm holding onto it until I can surprise the recipients I thought I'd share (I don't think they read my blog, since most of my RL friends and family don't. See, I'm sticking my tongue out at the lot of 'em right now, and they don't even know better).
I loved this pattern. It's the Presto Chango by Valerie Wallis. If you're looking for a quick knit, here it is. I had a lot of fun knitting this, and I love the way it turned out.
I wanted to make matching booties, and I've been eying this pattern for awhile--Little Button Loafers by Sylvia Schuchardt. I think it was a worthwhile $5.95 on Ravelry, especially since I've already used it twice, and I know it will be my permanent go-to bootie. I'm really awed by this pattern, it has some impressive architectural design and it was a (good) challenge to crochet--sorta like a satisfying crossword puzzle that's not too-too hard. The sole is actually crocheted twice for each loafer, then stitched together before the bootie is made. It makes them thick and ultra sturdy.

flswiptwoFebruary Lady Sweater #2
When I visited Portland recently, my friend Michelle had a wonderful grown up version of Elizabeth Zimmerman's February Two Needle Sweater, from The Knitter's Almanac. I believe hers was even a precursor to the famous February Lady Sweater that's been going around (by Pamela Wynne). Anyway, I wanted to make something similar with a striped yoke like hers, and buttons all the way down.
February Lady Sweater #2
Instead of long 3/4" sleeves, I wanted short capped ones so I modified the pattern a little bit with some quick decreases around the cuffs. I also just ordered some vintage buttons from Zeldasbuttons on Etsy to go with this project, a few colors so I could see what I liked best. I'm hoping the hot pink ones work, but if not, I ordered some blue as a good standby. I just have about two more inches of the pattern to finish, then a few rows of garter and it's done. I hope the buttons come soon, we're having perfect SSS (short sleeve sweater) weather.



  1. Kittee, these are all beautiful creations, but the first baby sweater is so sweet!

    Hope you feel better soon.....yuck.

  2. Those booties are the cutest thing I've ever seen!!!!

  3. Everything looks amazing! (Small world, I know Pam Wynne!) I've always meant to take up knitting as a winter hobby, but somehow never get around to learning it. Shoot...

    I hope we get to see more crafties on your blog!

  4. so cute! i love the booties, wish my feet were microscopic

  5. Kittee these are all so amazing! I had no idea you were such a wonder with the needles! The baby set is just adorable- and I love the double-knot sole for the booties (I love that word - booties!). No cold toesies!
    These look so professional, how you can be so productive when sick is beyond me! Feel better soon.

  6. GORGeous baby sweater and booties, and hope to see the striped yoke sweater decked out with buttons soon!

  7. Beautiful work! I wish I could figure out how to make clothes with my crocheting. I'm stuck on blankets. But you have given me more inspiration to try again.

  8. Booties!!!! Those are so freakin' adorable, Miss Kitty! Love it! And the sweater is super cute.

  9. Those shoes are killing me with the cute! Great stuff!

  10. Those booties are adarnable! Hope you feel better soon!

  11. Love yr presto change-o, really lovely colour too. My pal cara did that one and i'm hoping to do it later this yr. V profesh-looking booties too...

  12. The baby sweater and booties are adorable! You are quite the talented knitter.


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