Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Vegan Sundae Tutorial: Step 1

Since I'm planning a gluten-free power party(c) to celebrate my birthday, I happily settled on a vegan potluck picnic and ice creem social at the park near our place and the lovely Mississippi. The idea of a sundae bar makes me so happy, and since I love to plot out and make crazy toppings and candy this is the perfect fit for me: chocolate sauce, butterscotch sauce, chopped up peanut butter fudge, mini buckeye balls, rice krispy pinwheels, chopped Chick O Stix, candied nuts, fruit and yes--the elusive vegan marshmallow stuffs--all will be bent to my will! Since my ice cream maker is in storage, yesterday, I purchased a ton of So Delicious (four quarts of vanilla, two of chocolate and a few pints of mocha almond fudge) and then I set out to complete the first stop in preparing for any good vegan sundae.

Step 1: Vegan Marshmallow Procurement.
Getting your mitts on vegan marshmallow can be an easy task, or it can be a bit of a project, it depends on who you are, how much you want to spend and whether you're tuff as pointy nails. Since I have vegan espionage agents planted all over New Orleans, I was recently tipped off to the fact that a local major natural foods store out in the 'burbs recently received a shipment of Sweet and Sara's marshmallow "meltaways." To be fair, the store hadn't even stocked them out in the case, before I was there hassling them and stamping my big black shoes insisting on getting some out of the back cooler (which is just what I did).
These puppies cost me $5.99 for 8.5oz, were sticky, gooey-good, and just what I was craving. While I was more than happy with my purchase, I ate most of them straight out of the tub, leaving behind only two little fluffy little orphans--not nearly enough for marshmallow fluff, rice crispy fun, or anything for the upcoming sundae showdown.
So I stuck one on my nose and called it a day.

But then, I remembered that the lovely Alice from Angel Foods did a vegan swap with me, and I had one of her awesome Marshmallow Kits tucked away in my pantry. Since my beloved pink Kitchen Aid is also in storage, I borrowed my friend Janine's heavy duty orange stand mixer, pulled that sticky white confection off my face, and whipped up a batch of these. What fun! The kit comes with two mystery packets A & B, and like any good science project, lets you work out any and all latent Mad Scientist cooties you might have had lurking inside of you (sorta sounds like The Shingles, no?).
This wee package whipped up a big pan full of stiff and tasty marshmallow fluff, which I intend to use well. Not only for the sundaes, but I also might make some fudge with 'em, too.

Here's some of the kitchen action, so you can pretend you were right there with me, dipping your spoon into this lovely mass of fluff, y'know--to taste for sweet perfection.
Then at the end, I dipped one into the other, just so they could meet and say hello, and so I could stick that white prism back on my nose, only better and more permanently.



  1. really know how to celebrate your birthday. What style!

    Hope the party is wonderful.

  2. sounds like the perfect birthday

  3. whoa! it's a vegan marshmallow show-down! I still have my dandies lurking in my cupboard and I haven't tried them yet.

    I can't wait for the following steps!

  4. Yum, I have a package of the marshmallow mix tucked away somewhere, as well. Now I just must try it!

  5. I just freaking love your posts - they crack me up. Always. Not many blogs get me laughing out loud like you do. Must be your big, black shoes.
    First, Mammafish loves Papatofu and actually promised to make a few recipes (she doesn't much cook any more so this is exciting news). Thank you so much for participating in her birthday.
    And your birthday!?! Sounds like a big fat fun party. I will one day break down and order one of those schmallo kits from the US because I just want so much to share the goodness of marshmallow fluff with Guppy.

  6. I wish I could be at your party, Kittee! I hope your actual birthday was fun too!

  7. Marshmallow porn - I love it! Great idea for a birthday party too!

  8. I always saw that kit but never purchased it. Now I must must must try that!

  9. oh my! i might be paying a visit to the store to get myself some Sweet and Sara's! yum yum!

  10. Oh man, I love some ricemellow cream, which is what that homemade stuff resembles. I'd eat it on PB sammiches if it was in my house.

  11. oh, man, kittee! when you finally get yer ass here we're going to celebrate with an ice cream party! i've been wanting to do one of those. i want to make mini banana splits and all that jazz!

  12. That last picture almost gave me diabetes :)
    Happy b-day kittee. I hope it was super dee awesome.

  13. when did this go down?! it sounds so perfect!!! i want to know how it went!!!

    happy birthday week!!!


  14. marshmallow meets marshmallow! of course! I also can't wait to see the rest of multicoloured smorgasbord you put together for this ice cream social!

    ooh, and for that matter, the term "ice cream social" makes me smile a lot.

  15. hey, yr blogggz is sweet. as far as marshmallows go, you should try chicago soy dairy's dandies. they are the best things i've ever ever tasted. yum.


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