Saturday, April 4, 2009

Sick and Fun

Ana invited me to hit some porch sales with her in Algier's Point today (an area of New Orleans over the Mississippi River called The Westbank). Since Dave was making a pit stop at Hong Kong Market, to stock up on delicious ingredients for the TVP Taco Bar tomorrow, he dropped us off.
Here's a video to show you our transition from Eastbank to Westbank. Really, there's no need for thanks since this was documented out of pure love.

As we were scouting for a good place to start, we drove by some kind of blues folk museum.
We're gonna have to double back someday to investigate as there was a cool robot in the yard

and Satchmo's eyeballs. He hypnotized me with his steely gaze...

We also saw cool architecture--I am way into brightly colored stained glass.
My friend Helen used to tell me regularly, "Kittee, there is no shortage of cute houses in New Orleans!" Truer words were never spoken, I'll need to dedicate a few posts to these homes sometime soon.

We were also wowed by the beautiful flora and gardens.
Bottle Brush Tree
Chicks 'n' Hens

We did in fact make it safely back to the Eastbank, where I proceeded to unload my porch-sale-haul (I found a lot of bric-a-brac, thread, fabric and some Southern Living cookbooks).
Then I documented the finished Striped February Lady Sweater #2 and proceeded to make granola.

kumquat granola
Why yes, that is kumquat granola. Thanks for noticing!

I don't use a recipe anymore (I learned everything I know from Celine's peanut butter granola), but here's the gist. In a large bowl mix together: 3 cups rolled oats, a little bit of brown rice flour, a little mesquite powder, coconut, pecans, almonds, ground flax and a wee dash of salt. In a smaller bowl, mix together some peanut butter, brown rice syrup, maple syrup, vanilla extract and kumquat marmalade. Mix the liquid into the dry and stir until everything is moistened. Pour onto a lipped cookie sheet and bake at 325F, stirring every 15 minutes, until golden brown. Allow to cool and store in an airtight container.



  1. Kumquat granola?! So wonderful! I'm still looking for the little buggers...

  2. Mmm. Granola. Kumquats are interesting. Nice travel video!

  3. someone definitely needs to bottle up the cuteness of Nola houses and send some over to Fuckersfield, because everything's beyond boring in architectural (and other) ways here.

  4. excellent! i love the dog-barking soundtrack. please document more of your amazing city

  5. I didn't know those were called 'chicks & hens'! They're my fave succulents and I never knew what they were called, officially or otherwise...thx for that!

  6. I love all these great photos, Kittee - thank you (you really do love us don't you!). I really want to learn to make adorable sweaters like yours. And kamquat granola is kick ass. I'm out of granola and can't wait till next week so I can bake some more!

  7. beautiful. god, now I want granola. YOUR granola...

  8. hoorah!
    you know what's weird? I was going to email you today and ask you to resend me your peanut butter granola recipe. I finally found mesquite powder, but I couldn't find my precious piece of paper with your recipe on it. And now look at you... posting all about your totally amazing granola!
    with kumquats!!!

  9. This post really made my day - the icing on the cake - the video of a loved scene set to Katamari Damacy music! Woo-hoo! ^_^

    Now, the only thing that is darkening this experience is not having a clue as to where to find mesquite powder!! o.0

  10. i love the video and i love love the sweater!!!!!

  11. Cute sweater! I am about halfway through with the lace pattern on mine. You put lots o' buttons on there! I think I'm going to stick with just 2 or 3 huge-mo ones.


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