Tuesday, April 7, 2009

KAL Proposition and Girl, You Want.

First up, I found a baby sweater on Ravelry that I'm dying to make. It's knit in a dk weight yarn, with short rows and two colors and knits up to make a gorgeous little jacket. The pattern seems a little wonky, but I'm determined to give it a try anyway. Perusing Ravelry, I couldn't find anyone that had trouble with the pattern, and it averages an easy ranking with gorgeous after gorgeous example. I found this well rated cotton yarn yesterday (Kertzer Butterfly Super 10), which comes in a zillion bright, beautiful saturated colors. I'm gonna order some, but first I need to decide on colors, that's always the hardest part for me. Anyone want to join me for a Spring KAL? It's just a little baby sweater people, I know there's gotta be some takers out there.
If you're not on Ravelry, here's a gorgeous one to check out from Cosy's website. Hi Cosy!

In other unrelated news: Dazee and I don't celebrate too many holidays or special occasions, but we definitely do-do birthdays. Since mine is coming up at the end of this month, I started making a list of stuff I want. Wanna see what I've been coveting lately?

Ten Greedy/Material Birthday Desires by Kittee Berns
  1. The Study Hall Skirt. I found this skirt pattern on Anna Maria Horner's website, and I actually couldn't hold off until the end of the Month. I had a moment of frenzied panic, then ordered it faster than a fly on hot shit. The little baby is mine and it's coming home to Mama soon. I can't wait, this is just the kind of skirt I adore, and it's designed to sit on your hips, which I love considering I might have the shortest waist in creation. Yea, I know being short waisted gives me long legs, but it doesn't make up for the fact that my waist sits one inch below my boobiage.
  2. Ribbon Print Skirt. If you don't know Hannah and her online shop, you might want to get yourself acquainted with them right quick. Her skirts are handmade to the core from fabric she actually screen prints herself. Hell to the Yes, she is one inspiring gal.
  3. St. Germain Liqueur. My vegan gal-pal, Stephanie turned me onto this sweet nectar. Really, that's what it tastes like, elderberries. It's delicious over ice, but I want to try incorporating some into desserts too.
  4. Metallic Rain Boots. I know!!!
  5. Because Her Beauty is Raw and Wild by Jonathan Richman. This was released last year, but I haven't heard it yet. Did you know Jonathan Richman went vegan a few years ago?
  6. Bento Box Soy Sauce Containers. Since I've begun toting my own gluten-free soy sauce out to dinner with me, these would make me a little less cranky about it.
  7. BabyCakes: Vegan, Gluten-Free, and (Mostly) Sugar-Free Recipes from New York's Most Talked about Baker. This won't be released until a week after my b-day, but I'm keeping it on my list, just in case.
  8. Cute Vinyl Cuff. I know!
  9. Miss Bunny and her Balloon Vinyl Messenger Bag. I hope you're clicking on these links, or you'd be missing a bunny, a balloon and white fluffy clouds, cut out of vinyl and sewn onto a vegan messenger bag. If you're too lame to click, that image should speak volumes.

  10. Oh, I have a practical side too, I also want a glass oil pumper (as recommended by Melisser), a hot air popcorn maker and a Mochi cookbook.
Now really, who wants to make that cute baby jacket with me??


  1. That is a great list! Those soy sauce bottles are so damn cute!!!
    I have drooled over that exact vinyl bag too. I love that seller's stuff! It looks like QueenBee Creations bags, which I have a mad affair with. Happy Almost Birthday!!

  2. If you wanted to bring us one of those bags, we'd let you crash on the couch for free ... except that we don't have a couch yet.

    They're adorable!

  3. I second everything on your list! Those skirts are just too cute!

  4. kittee!
    thank you for the public birthday announcement. I will get to work! you better send me your mailing address though, if you expect to get any presents!

    also, I have that glass oil sprayer and I hate it. It doesn't work well and it just frustrates me to know end. sorry. I need to find one that does work.

  5. Oooh, a birthday coming up?! When when? Also, I hate my air popper, it doesn't make the popcorn as crisp as the microwaved kernels in a brown bag method.

  6. poop. I wish I had 68 dollars. But it's almost my birthday too!

  7. hi!

    i'm voting you make the jacket... it's quite fun once you get it and get going. and to make dk weight seem doable - i used sock weight and size 1.5 needles.

  8. melisser is a blasphemer! I love my air popper, which by the way, my mom found at the thrift store. Apparently she sees them there all the time.

  9. That's a great list! I want almost everything on there (no soy sauce bottles though!). The bag with the bunny and the balloon is SO cute.

  10. Oh Kitty, I would join you but I would probably end up knitting my fingers together.

    Happy birthday month! I hope you get all the goodies that you want!

  11. You've got the best taste, Kittee!
    I also saw that skirt and almost cracked and bought it, but held back. I think I regret it, though. I love that rabbit messenger bag- I really want to make myself a practical messenger bag, but it would be so much cooler in pleather!
    I'm also jonesing for an oil pumpy thing - mostly because they don't have aerosol/spray oil here - and because it's recyclable!
    Here's to a rockin' birthday month!

  12. Happy almost birthday! Send me your address and the soy sauce animals will be yours. jennlynskey at gmail dot com. I bought them with my bento box, but I have a zillion restaurant soy sauce packets and I have never used them.

  13. oh! i have one of those kitty empire messenger bags and they're really nice!

    also, i kind of hate you for showing me those skirts! i want one of those screen printed ones so badly! the one i like is the one with the apples. sigh.

    also also, i'm in for the KAL.

  14. Hi lady! I've missed you for ages and squeeed when I discovered you've shifted your blogging activities over here, so now I can keep reading your stuff :)

    Soy sauce bottles are so cute!!

  15. Very good list! My b-day is next month, so I'm eyeballing etsy a lot too. I would love to KAL with you, but I don't know any babies :(

    The links to other people's projects are so so so much cuter than the original. I like super bright colors for babies instead of the drab stuff they use in the pattern pics.

    The newer air poppers suck compared to the one we had when I was a kid... and I hear those oil sprayer thingys clog up a lot. I want one too cause spray oil in a can seems so wasteful.


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