Monday, March 30, 2009

Kittee's Top Ten NOLA Tour

Beginning today, I present to you a virtual tour of ten things I love about New Orleans--in no particular order. If you come to visit, these are the things I will most likely drag you out to see, to eat, to touch or to pinch your cheek and tell you about.

Stop #1: Ruthie B's Mississippi Pine Tree Garden
Ruthie B stays close by our place, in fact Dazee, Vee and I just walked over there last week to have a gander. I've driven by a million times and never seen anyone around, but today when I went by to snap some pictures, someone was outside gardening! Of course, I introduced myself and requested permission to take photos and learned that these two houses belong to Ruthie B. She didn't want to be photographed since she was in a sweatshirt and gardening gloves.
She's been sprucing things up quite a bit lately, which is a big relief to see on her block, since Katrina nailed this corner of New Orleans pretty well and it tends to be a very gray and dusty neighborhood.
The rebar fence was built by her late husband, who had no previous fence building experience. I think he did a marvelous job! The cats are newish and the AC whirly gig things blow around in the breeze (see the embedded video below).

Her house number is indeed made out of Mardi Gras beads, just as it should be.

The garden is in front of two houses, both owned by Ruth. The Tree Guy was created by her brother in Mississippi. I'm not sure what part of the tree was put together over there, but Mr. Mississippi Tree Man is definitely living and growing in Louisiana proper. Sadly, my poor photography cut off an important detail, Ruthie has bright orange tire planters all along the street. A gal after my own heart!

Here's a big closeup so you can see important details.

His golden arms are new, and I just love his flirty posturing. I think he's pretty fabulous.



  1. I love Ruthie B's garden! So great and folky--she needs a bottle tree though...or maybe a mardi gras bead tree?

  2. Oh, that looks so cool! Grace would go nuts to see that.

  3. oh how sweet!
    I love spots like this. how nice it is to a see a free spirit caring for her space exactly as she sees fit.... crazy and fun! I love mr. flirty arms too!

  4. I thought you were, like, moving to Portland! Wha happened?

  5. Ruthie B's garden is très beau!

  6. Kittee, you rock! What a fantasic idea and what a beautiful garden!

  7. Ruthie B's house has so much personality! The tree is my favorite thing, especially the owls sitting on it.

  8. I've not seen Mississippi Tree Man before, and I love him and the rest of Ruthie's garden. Thank you for sharing!

  9. Where can I find Ruthie B's house? What neighborhood is it in?

  10. My neighbor has a tree guy, but it's not as cool!

  11. That tree really is fabulous! I love New Orleans!

  12. I love gardeners named Ruthie. If you speak to her again tell her Ruthie C in Houston thinks her garden is mighty fine. :-D


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