Wednesday, February 11, 2009

WIP Wednesday

I won't be the most popular girl for this post, 'cuz many people in New Orleans keep tight hands on their upcoming Mardi Gras costumes, but I figure why not share what I've got. Especially since I consider myself I'm an alumni of the school of loose lips.

I wasn't planning on costuming this year, until I got inspired by a friend at the dog park yesterday. It's a long story, but suffice it to say that I want to do it up now, and I want to continue my tradition of some kind of skirt, hood, and leggings. So I'm thinking of horses with googly eyes, and I'm making a matching outfit for dazee, too. I hauled ass to Hancock fabric last night and bought up a bunch of acrylic felt. I started cutting out horses this afternoon, and the skirt will be an a-line wrap, perhaps with a scalloped hem in off white with brown, tan and pink horses.

Here's what I've got so far, but I'm sure the final product will look a lot different than this.

I found this fleecy fabric that has a horse pelt kinda look to it, for the hood so that will probably go on the legwarmers too. And, I also bought lots of pompoms, pompoms are a good thing. Right, Martha?

So there ya have it, I'll try to post updates as I make more progress.


  1. It's better to have loose lips than goose lips. You know.. cause they have none? :)

    Your googly-eyed horses are adorable. Matching outfits for you and Dazee? Too cute!!

  2. i wanna see dazee in leg warmers. that's all i ask. xo

  3. You can NEVER have too many poms-poms it's true! I think you and Dazee will look ridiculously cute and horsey!

  4. Aaakk! Pompoms galore! I think that should be your creative mantra, Kittee! I cannot wait to see the finished product, and I'm with Mama Herbivore - Dazee in leg warmers, dude!

  5. OMG I am sooo jealous. Mardi Gras in NYC is the pits. (that is, it doesn't exist) How I wish I had somewhere to wear a fun costume...hope you post pics of yours when it is done!

  6. Your horses are so cute! I love the googly eyes. We won't tell the real New Orleans folks that you spilled about your costume...

  7. kickass! I am so slack on making WIP Wednesday in, I have never made one even though I have been meaning to for like 2 months.
    Also, my photography skillz suck, so all the cool stuff I am working on looks like bad Chinese food pics when I post.

  8. hoorah!
    I love the horses with googly eyes. The plan for the skirt looks really awesome. What a crafty lady. I hope you will post some pictures of the final product. Now that I've been to NOLA, for the pre-season, I really wish I could be there for all this fun stuff!
    happy crafting to you!

  9. Wow! This is my first Mardis Gras and I'm so damn excited. I don't know what to wear though. I'm really a novice but plan to look celebratory as best as I know how. I'll look for you!

  10. Fuck! You are too cool. I can't wait to see the end result.

  11. Cute horsies! I'll be very interested to see the final result.

  12. They look sort of like the unicorns from Charlie the Unicorn! I love it!


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