Thursday, February 26, 2009

Dear Grace

This is Grace, a furry little light in my life. Isn't she beautiful?

Thanks to Farm Sanctuary, Grace will be able to live out her natural life in peace, munching on green grass and dried apples. Dazee and I have been sponsoring her as much as possible for the last few years, and simply helping to support this gorgeous animal has brought me extreme joy and happiness. Even though I've never met her face to face, I consider her part of my extended family. One day, I hope to visit her in person to say hello, to tell her how much I love her and to pet her velvet nose.

Here's my friend Lauralei with Grace from a few years ago. She visited the Watkins Glen sanctuary and looked up Grace to say hello for me.

My friend Josh is riding his bike from Oregon to California, to raise money for other resuced farm animals just like Grace. His goal is $10,ooo, which will go a long way to feed and house many animals. If you'd like to support Josh's cause, please consider donating money today, or tomorrow, or even sometime next week, this link will take you to a magic website where you can give effortlessly online.

If you're unable to support Josh financially, please consider supporting him on Facebook by becoming a fan of his efforts. The span from Portland to the sanctuary in California is 600 miles, and he has to train really hard to get his ass that far.

On behalf of Grace and other rescued farm animals, many many thanks.



  1. She is beautiful. It's really cool that you do that!!
    also, pretty blog!

  2. Grace is so sweet - how cool that you're her "tata de coeur". Right on for Josh. It's so moving when people live their convictions!

  3. Grace is a babe, and Josh kicks ass.

  4. oy, i'm becoming verklempt. this was a nice entry.

  5. Yay for Grace & hooray for Josh's bike ride!


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