Saturday, February 28, 2009

Are you happy to see me, or is that some New Orleans in your pants?

So we've been having a bit of New Orleans this past week.


First there was the poo. Yes, someone threw me a necklace that was soaked in some foul liquid-y substance. Could've been a holdover from Katrina, the mystery will likely not be uncovered in my lifetime.

Then, Miss Antoinette K-Doe died, actually she died early on Mardi Gras day, but this post isn't for history, it's for posterity,and it's in kittee-time(R). I liked Miss Atnoinette alot. She was really nice to me and my friends and drove the hearse in the Jazz Funeral we had for Helen Hill. Mom, if you're reading this, sorry I didn't call you, I didn't have the heart to tell you.

Here's a video from her second line today. This is how we take care of the folks we love in New Orleans. Check out the Mardi Gras Indians and The Baby Dolls (at about the 13 second mark). Miss Antoinette helped to bring back The Baby Doll tradition to Mardi Gras.

me and ernie

Here's a picture of me and Ernie K-Doe, Miss Antoinette's husband, aka The Emperor of the Universe. Note the matching Zulu pendants--not a meer coincidence, I can assure you.

Mother in Law Lounge
Ernie K-Doe and Miss Antoinette
Mother in Law Lounge

A few photos of the K-Doe's Mother in Law lounge. I have the cutest ever picture of dazee standing before it, from when we first moved to NOLA. It's in storage somewhere, and it's a real photo, so I can't post it anyway, but just picture him in front of that blue wall with the white stars. Adorable, right?

Miss Antoinette's Second Line
An Ernie and Miss Antoinette fan put this newsy collage together and had it attached to his bike.
mardi gras 2009 dryades

Let's end with a happier picture, shall we? Here's me and dazee on Fat Tuesday in front of our Mardi Gras Anniversary spot. I was drunk and full of deep fried genetically modified corn.



  1. Your costume turned out great, and holy cow (pun intended) your eyes shadow is the best! I wish I had been that glittery on Tuesday!

  2. it sounds (and looks) like an incredible way to spend a tuesday. i don't know who miss antoinette is but i'm still sorry for her passing, she looked like a fun broad

  3. cute! love the caterpillars. especially paired with dazee's beads. i like how there are multiple colors on one strand. like the caterpillars. <3

  4. your outfit is amazing Kittee!! sorry you were thrown a foul smelling necklace. that's so sad that someone would do that.

  5. You're so beautiful, Kittee! So sorry about the lame-o super-freaks not playing nicely, also sorry about Miss Antoinette, but how fitting that she chose Mardi Gras to go.
    LOVE that last pic of you two.

  6. THe look on your face is priceless in that first photo. And oh my, I love love love your costume. Even cooler that you made it yourself. I think Mardi Gras is a good excuse to fill your body with GMOs..

  7. Whoa! I am enamored here. Now I really want to come to Mardi Gras! I'm sorry to hear about Miss Antoinette, that is sad!

  8. I used your King Cake recipe and it was a huge hit with everyone! Thanks so much for posting it (even though I know it was awhile ago). I've never been to a real Mardi Gras, only the St. Louis version...

  9. Your outfit is supa-dupa! And that last photo of you and dazee is so cute!

  10. that costume rocks. death sucks.
    and poo covered necklaces stink, literally.

  11. Your costumes are awesome!
    I'm sorry to hear about your friend.
    That is just wrong about the necklace. It's a shame when people can't act right.

  12. Thank you for your birthday and get well wishes, Kittee!

    Thank you for sharing Miss Antoinette with us, I did not know who she was but she sounds like an amazing person.

    You and your outfit are beyond adorable! Sorry about the poo. Why would they do that?

  13. What a blast. Makes me yearn for the time that my kiddos are old enough to end my Mardi Gras hiatus with. They had their own homemade parade inside (too much snow here). And I've explained how we want to get a Zulu coconut someday!

    Great blog!

  14. Your bangs are very cute in that last photo.

  15. I love your caterpillar hats!

  16. I love your costume. So sorry to hear about Ms. Antoinette. She sounds like a spirit who will live on forever.

  17. Love the outfit!!
    Dropping in to say hi from Vegetarian Mamma
    :) Cindy


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