Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Vegan Mofo 2008.

With more than 225 bloggers participating in The 2008 Vegan Month of Food (MoFo), we are a densely organized vegan mob of forks and kitchen appliances, spiraling throughout the interwebs cooking, baking, veganizing and eating deliciousness en mass. Our aim, to ensure even the most daring Daring Bakers will white knuckle their beloved microplanes and wooden spoons with nervousness, excitement and apprehension over our delightful and even astonishing vegan antics. So yea, I'll be posting with unrelenting regularity this month.

Veg*n cooking magazines are pretty meh these days. What've we got, Vegetarian Times and Veg News? I find it much more interesting (and challenging), to read omnivorous foodie magazines like Cook's Illustrated and Saveur. Although not every recipe in these publications are veganizable or even appealing, for that matter, I think the majority are. I find them extremely well written and researched, and I always learn about new techniques and cuisines. Both these magazines have websites with free recipes, so even if you don't or can't subscribe, you can still benefit without spending a penny (generally you have to register with your email, but not a biggie).

This month Saveur highlights breakfast food. Though, I'm not a big morning eater, I was intrigued by many of the recipes, specifically the chilaquiles and cream cheese cinnamon rolls. Katie's pumpkin cinnamon roll madness from last year is still with me, so I feel a bit numb to cinnamon rolls, but still, this recipe was different enough that it beckoned a good veganization. Cream cheese folded into the dough like homemade puff pastry? Maple syrup mixed into the cinnamon and pecan filling with freshly ground cloves? It was on.

The results were delicious and not surprisingly incredibly rich. In the end, I've decided these were more fun to make than to eat, but dazee disagrees. He took them all to work before I could take a picture of the finished product, then brought one home for me to pose and proceeded to eat it up before I could point and click.

Saveur Magazine's Vegan Cream Cheeze Cinnamon Rolls
(this recipe is copied directly from their website with veganized ingredients in white)

Spreading cream cheese into the layers of dough enhances the richness and moistness of these rolls. This dough may be prepared a day in advance and left to rise in the refrigerator overnight.

1 1⁄4-oz. package active dry yeast
1⁄2 tsp. plus 1⁄4 cup sugar
1⁄2 cup unsweetened almond milk, at room temperature
2 tbsp. light brown sugar
1⁄2 tsp. vanilla extract
1/4 cup soy yogurt, plus 1 tablespoon
2 3⁄4 cups flour, sifted, plus more for kneading (I used half white whole wheat and half unbleached white)
3⁄4 tsp. fine salt
8 tbsp Earth Balance (one stick) room temperature

1⁄2 cup sugar
1⁄4 cup dark brown sugar
1⁄4 cup finely chopped pecans
1⁄4 cup finely chopped walnuts
1⁄4 cup raisins (I left these out)
1 tbsp. ground cinnamon
1⁄2 tsp. fine salt
1⁄8 tsp. ground cloves
4 oz (1/2 tub) Tofutti Better than Cream Cheese
8 tbsp. Earth Balance (one stick), melted
2 cups confectioners' sugar
1⁄4 cup unsweetened almond milk, plus 1 teaspoon fresh lemon juice
1. Make the dough: In the bowl of a standing mixer fitted with a hook, combine yeast, 1⁄2 tsp. of the sugar, and 1⁄4 cup water heated to 115°. Stir to combine and let sit until foamy, about 10 minutes. Add remaining sugar, almond milk, light brown sugar, vanilla, soy yogurt. Beat on low speed until thoroughly combined, 1 minute. Turn mixer off and add the flour and salt. Mix on medium speed until the dough just comes together. Turn mixer speed to high and knead dough for 4 minutes. Add the stick of Earth Balance and continue kneading until dough is smooth and pulls away from the side of the bowl, about 6 minutes. Remove bowl from the mixer, cover with plastic wrap, and set aside in a warm place. Let the dough rise for 1 1⁄2–2 hours, until it has doubled in size.
2. Meanwhile, make the filling: Combine the sugar, dark brown sugar, pecans, walnuts, raisins, cinnamon, salt, and cloves in a large bowl; stir to combine. Stir in the maple syrup. Set filling aside.
3. Punch the dough down and turn it out onto a heavily floured surface. Gently knead the dough until it's no longer sticky, adding more flour as necessary, about 1 minute. Using a floured rolling pin, roll the dough into a 10" x 10" square. In a small bowl, beat the cream cheeze with a rubber spatula until it's smooth and spreadable. Spread the cream cheeze evenly over the dough square; then fold square into thirds as you would fold a letter to fit it into an envelope. Take the open ends of the resulting rectangle and fold into thirds again, to make a smaller dough square. Invert the dough so that the seam is face down and, using the rolling pin, gently roll into a 10" x 20" rectangle.
4. Turn the dough so that the short sides are parallel to you. Brush the top of the dough with half of the melted Earth Balance. Drizzle the reserved filling over the dough, leaving a 1" border at the edge farthest away from you. Lightly press the filling into the dough. Using your hands, lift up the bottom edge of the dough and roll it forward into a tight cylinder. Place dough cylinder, seam side down, on a cutting board and, using a thin, sharp knife, trim off the ends; cut cylinder crosswise into 8 equal-size slices. Nestle the slices, cut sides up and evenly spaced from one another, into a greased 9" x 13" light-colored metal baking pan. Cover pan with plastic wrap and set aside in a warm place to let rise for 2 hours. (Alternatively, the rolls may be refrigerated overnight.)
5. Heat oven to 375°. Uncover the rolls. (If refrigerated, let them sit at room temperature for 15 minutes.) Bake until golden brown and a toothpick inserted in the center of the rolls comes out clean, about 30 minutes.
6. Make the icing: While the rolls are baking, whisk together the sugar, almond milk and lemon juice in a small bowl until smooth.
7. Transfer the pan of cinnamon rolls to a cooling rack; brush with remaining melted Earth Balance. Let cool for 5 minutes. Dip the tines of a fork into the icing and drizzle all over the rolls. Serve immediately.


  1. i agree that veg magazines are getting kinda meh. your veganized saveur's cinnamon rolls are making my eyes very happy.

  2. Those look awesome Kittee. When Tim gets home (so I don't eat them all myself) we may have to try them! If 250 bloggers are taking part in the MoFo, why can't someone do a better veg food magazine?

  3. Can't . . .resist . . .yummy . . .cinnamon rolls . . .
    I knew it was a stupid idea to try and eat healthier during VeganMoFo.

    johnp has a point. Why so many of us are interested in food writing, recipe testing, and of course eating but the periodicals available do nothing to quench the thirst?

  4. they really are "meh"! i have to agree, too! it's all kinda the same, or just under-spiced or over done. i dunno! i really like your idea of veganizing the yummies from the omni magazines, kittee!

    these cinnamon rolls look absolutely delicious! wow! i've gotta make these! thanks for the recipe, kittee!

  5. Making laminated dough is fun, but a lot of work! The cinnamon rolls look great, and I bet the final product was amazing!

  6. I can't even wrap my mind around all that EB and cream cheese! Those sound astonishingly decadent!

  7. Those sound so rich and delicious. I love the cream cheeze idea! This is encouraging me to renew Bon Appetit...

  8. These look magical. I got in a new issue of Cook's Illustrated, and I agree. The illustrations and articles make me fired up about veganizing things. :)

  9. VeganMoFo is going to rule the world he, he. With cinnamon rolls!

  10. i enjoy veganizing omni recipes. there are some things that just shouldn't be veganized, like menudo.

  11. I think I gained 2kg just reading your recipe! Seriously, these sound like they're da bomb in the best way possible. And hey, did you know that this month's Daring Baker's challenge was Vegan??? I got to co-host - it was super cool! VeganMoFo Forever!

  12. OMG I think I just had a cinnamon roll induced stroke!

  13. I don't even think I need to tell you that I need to make this recipe.

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  15. gosh,those look amazing.
    i love cinnamon rolls.

  16. Now the madness over these cinnamon rolls will begin!!

  17. oh god.

    i just finished up cinnamon rolls. now i have to make more...

  18. dazee! seriously.

    but i really like that picture of the uncooked ones! and of course that sounds crazy good.

    you know, i rarely veganize. i should take it as one of my assignments this month to pick up a normal folks cookbook and veganize something in it.

    i became vegan having only a small handful of cookbooks (all veg ones already) so i don't have any of my own! strange, huh?

    talk to you soon, kittee!


  19. I tried to look past the cinnamon rolls and was tempted by the chilaquiles. Your rolls turned out wonderfulllll!

  20. I agree that todays veg magazines suck. Plus it's usually so easy to veganize food these days. :)

  21. Wow, Kittee, way to knock it out of the park!

    I'm with you on the reading of omni food magazines. I got my start cooking from reading the "gourmet" magazine that Safeway used to put out, and while I do love VegNews, the meaty magazines still have a place in my vegan heart.

    Happy MoFo!

  22. I don't have words to describe my feelings on these delightful looking darlings. All I can do is drool!

  23. OMG. *reachreach* They look so nummy!

  24. They look good enough for me to want to attempt to get back my risen dough mojo that I have lost.

    I recently took a breadmaking class and it worked there, but they had jacked up the recipe w/ really hot water and double the yeast so that it was possible to make there. I did find out that I'm a really lazy kneader, so I put more energy into that, but it still didn't work. I think that my house is too much of an ice burg.

  25. Agreed on Veg magazines not having an UMPH! No Sass! No Pizazz! No MAGIC!

    Sorry, I've had enough coffee today to be the equivalent of a lump of crack rock.

    Anyway, this recipe looks INSANE and i'm making it this weekend and thank you for your adorable and super useful blog! I love it!! I'm doing veganmofo for the first time and I'm learning about all these awesome blogs, yours included!

    Anyway, I'll go spazz out somewhere else now. Okay, bye!!

  26. Oh yummy!!! I LOVE cinnamon rolls and with vegan cream cheese who can deny me?! I wish my Tofutti over here was the one without trans fat. I'll have to just drool over yours till it is.


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