Friday, October 3, 2008

Old Mother Hubbard.

Hell yea, we're livin' it up down here in New Orleans, trying to eat our way through the cupboard so we won't have much waste, when skedaddle time comes a knockin'. It's probably the best problem I'll ever have, and I'm glad it's happening during MoFo, 'cuz writing about dry goods and pantry staples is fun. Especially since I took inventory this morning and see strong potential for future South Indian orgies. I'd really like to avoid death by dal, if at all possible; more interesting dishes is what I'm striving for.

Thank fucking god masala dosas and vada are all gluten free--and potatoes, yum on the potatoes. I think I have a handle on most of the backload, but there are a few items floating around that we've been holding onto for months and with them I'm much more iffy.

Some of these are the stumpers, see--I'm not big on molasses or sorghum. But, the black rice--I'm imagining it in some kind of stuffed dolma...

Dazee's also on my ass, and every time I ask him to pick up a tomato or a container of yogurt he's all, "Don't we already have that? We don't have any tomatoes? Are you sure??" and so forth and so on. His name will shortly be engraved on my shit-list in Ener-G egg replacer if this continues on longer than my sweet, sweet patience. Here's the bulk of the inventory I took this morning:
urad dal, chana dal, moong dal, split urad dal, chickpeas, pintos, black beans, lentils, masoor dal, limas, TVP, popcorn, white kidneys, yellow grits, red beans, popcorn rice, black rice, arborio rice, long grain brown rice, rice and grain blend, wild rice (ew.), pasta, packaged Thai curry pastes, jack fruit, canned poblanos, tapioca, molasses, sorghum, tamarind concentrate, nasty-nasty corn syrup, grape leaves, fermented mustard greens (help!), peanut butters, tahini, seaweed in many forms, etc. etc.
But no worries! I'm on task and about to put a bowl of urad dal on to soak. We have rice flour and potatoes, so you might guess what's coming sooon.

My beloved, urad.



  1. The only thing I ever use molasses for is pecan pie- seems to make that filling a little richer and more flavorful. Dunno if you are into it but I thought I'd mention it since the holidays approach.

    - Kami

  2. Hi Kittee,

    I have been reading your blog for awhile and I am looking forward to seeing what you make with those grains. I am always looking for new grain ideas.

    When are you planning to move up to Portland? The rainy season is just getting started so there will be plenty of good cooking weather :)

  3. What a cool post. I have started saving food jars to reuse for grains and spices and such. It looks nice.

  4. Tell that Dazee to back off! Tip on the favorite way to eat molasses or sorghum is drizzled over hot biscuits with Earth Balance.

  5. I laughed outloud at your whole "don't we have any tomatoes" paragraph.
    Can't wait to see what you make with all your goodies!

  6. Oh, and thank you for the link to, I found a fun recipe for Mummy Dogs on their website! :)

  7. woh. we have so much of the same stuff! i just finished the chana and i mixed in some mung dal (i know the cooking times will be different, but aa wanted us to double the recipe!) and anyway, what was i saying? death by dal would be my way to go. seriously.

    ok, re: urad. i don't use that one enough. i have the one that's "partially" hulled, i guess: it's white with some black. whenever i use it more like a spice and try to grind it in my grinder, it doesn't really work. kinda crunchy. i know i used to make urad dals a awhile ago, but i'm thinking it's the white with no black that's tripping me up. anyway, this is long but we got dropped from our chat so....! sad!!!

    and i have to finish our dosa and vadail packets up before i can even attempt those!

    anyway, salivating at the thought of all this s. indian food...


  8. kittee told me she was making dal the other day, um, and i died. then she made it, and it was so good, because i was expecting to die, but it was really good. you know when you think something's gonna murder you, but then it turns out really good?

  9. mmmm... dosas!
    I seriously lived off of dosas, dhal, and uttapam when I was in India in January.

    I love the MoFo pantry inventory idea. smart, smart, smart.

  10. I love reading your posts - you're so damn smart & funny.
    I've never heard of Urad (though I think you are) so I'm going to google it. What the hell did I do before google? Damn...

  11. I'm laughing b/c I was never able to get rid of Steen's molasses either! It took pride of place on the freebie table at work when I moved - my cow-orkers scored a free great haul of macrobiotic storecupboard goodies like ume plum vinegar, various seaweeds and barley malt. If I'd bee moving within the US I would've taken it with me b/c that shit's expensive!

    Wishing you much luck for skedaddling soon!

  12. Where are you on the cornbread spectrum? Molasses and sorghum are good in cornbread, if you like it sweet. (I usually don't, but I have the occasional moment when I have to have it sweet.)


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