Monday, October 20, 2008

Vegan MoFo Iron Chef III: Sushi Challenge Roundup

This week's Vegan Mofo Sushi Challenge was madness. First off, my sushi was a bit of a nightmare, but to top it off, the entries kept right on rolling in--they finally stopped at twelve. There's only so much rounding up I can do before I become a tightly wound ball myself.

For my contribution, I wanted to make some Halloween inspired sushi, and when I think of Halloween, I think of candy and scary unexpectedness. Since I'm already planning on making candy sushi for the 31st, I wanted to do something different and a bit twisted for this challenge. I made two norimaki rolls, the first was made with black rice, with black food color paste added for extra eeriness and then filled with tempura sweet potato. You know--to get that black n' orange Halloween thang going on. The rolls came out looking groovy, but taste wise, they were a yuck storm. In the past, I've used Wilton black food paste in frosting with no problem, but in the rice, it left a horrid tar-like flavor (not the unexpected twist I was hoping for). Also, since I'm gluten-free this month (and out of chickpea flour), my tempura coating sucked--note to all: ix nay on the rice flour and cornstarch.

The second roll I made was tasty; simple white rice tinted orange and stuffed with avocado and more sweet potato--especially tasty with the ball o' turquoise wasabi and soy sauce.

Finally, you've come to the part of the roundup you've been frothing for, I made a little mosaic of all the entries for your viewing pleasure (click on the photo and it'll get big enough for eyeball investigation).

My favorite thing about this roundup were the number of participants who pushed their way through sushi fear, unknown kitchen territory and comfort zones in order to play along with the other kids. Of course, I also loved the fried sushi log and ice cream sushi. What.

Please, Lord Seitan, I hope I included everyone, this was a haul to put together.

Veg-In-Training from Vegan Confersion: Azuki Sushi Cakes. So cute, so crunchy!
Megan from Down Home Vegan: Rosewater Coconut Rice Pudding with Blueberry Glaze. Sushi all crazy and deconstructed--woOOoT!
P.H.D.elicious: Tamago Nigiri Sushi. Like eggs, but not-not-not!
Jenn from Vegan Dance: An assortment of nigiri and norimaki including chickpea cutlet rolls. Did you hear me? Chickpea cutlet sushi!
The Little One from The Potato Vine: Precious Dessert Sushi! Please save the fig one for me.
Zoey from Zoey's Kitchen: Shredded Carrot norimaki, so you can see better at night!
Dynah from Baliwhat: Inari, with lots of stuffing variations including wee little enoki and Peruvian quinoa!
Rayray from bjorkedoff: Ice Cream Sushi with candy and pretzels! Hold the phone, I got another call coming in...
Becca from Leave it to Cleaver: Apple filled norimaki and inside out rolls! A variety of lovely kinds, with ginger even.
Sp from whoville: Pina Colada Sushi! With booze!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Michelle from Spice Must Flow and Kevin from Tofuligan: Tempura & Battered and Fried Inside out Rolls, also known as Wet Dream Uramaki.




  1. How fun! I'm a horrible sushi roller and desperately in need of a good knife for sushi roll cuttin' however, have supreme sushi skillz.

  2. So many awesome entries! I love your black and orange halloweeny sushi!
    Megan's rosewater coconut rice pudding with blueberry glaze rocks!!

  3. Those black and orange rolls would be perfect to serve at a Halloween party. They're very festive.

  4. The turquoise wasabi is so awesome!

    You can sign me up for that chickpea cutlet sushi.

  5. okay maybe I can't read but WHAT is that blue ball in those pics?? haha


  6. What a delicious round-up! I love the black and orange thing going on with your sweet potato tempura roll.

  7. I've been following this challenge like a stalker on cheap whizz. Me being one of the frightened intimidee's that ran away bawling into a corner somewhere at the mere mention of the dreaded S word.
    I've been so impressed with EVERYONE!!
    They are all so creative. And I don't feel quite so intimidated now.

  8. Excellent work on the round-up. I want to come trick-or-treating at your house!

  9. Wow - amazing entries! I'm a sushi-scaredy cat *hangs head in shame*

  10. I've never had sushi. it scares me a little, just like okra does.
    heh, someone said "blue ball"...

  11. Your sushi looks awesome! Sorry about the yuck storm! Funny, we were of three minds! I had never even thought of yam tempura sushi, and here you were also doing so!

    I was wondering how we could do the batter gluten-free, but I was just kinda in the mood to follow the directions, so it was gluten-full.


  12. Ooh, so fun! Kittee is so creative! Also, the round up is great. I love the tamago style & of course, the ice cream!

  13. Outrageous! It's like sushi gone anime! I can't stop looking at that turquoise wasabi too.

    I haven't made sushi since I've moved and now I hear the call of the bamboo! Thanks for the great post and the fantastic round up.

  14. I can't get over all the sushi goodness! Rock on!
    For the Royal Icing, yes, I just used the JOVB icing, but I always end up adding more powdered sugar, not sure why, but it doesn't seem thick enough.

  15. Everyone did such a great job. I've been looking for halloween apps that would travel well. Kitty you did it again. I am going to use your ides for my halloween parties. Hope you don't mind.

  16. Those black rolls look like they'd make some might spooky poo though!

  17. sushi is one of my favorite things to make. It was my first post in the PPK forums like 6 months ago. lol @ spooky poo.


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