Monday, October 13, 2008

Coconut Brains and Sushi Candy.

I was recently invited to celebrate Halloween with friends, and I've been mulling over and trying to narrow down the fun food I want to make for the occasion. There are lots of websites that provide vegan Halloween food fodder, my favorites of late are Wing it Vegan and 365Halloween.

Last year, Melisser inspired me with her veganized Candy Corn and spurred me to go out and purchase a brain shaped jello mold. I'm planning on using it to make some kind of pink agar coconut monstrosity and then to branch out into the world of candy sushi. The sushi is gonna be a lot of work, but it's so fun to think about and plan. Brownie Points offers a tutorial with ideas I hadn't seen before (dipping rice crispy pieces in melted chocolate to mirror the look of nori).

Melisser's gorgeous candy corn.
I want to make three types of sushi, nigiri, gunkan and norimaki, here are my ideas outlined below.

Nigiri (hand rolls):
Pieces of peanut butter rice krispy squares topped with gummi worms, swedish fish, dried papaya, pieces of colored agar jello or mochi all tied up with black licorice string or fruit leather.

Gunkan (often topped with a loose topping):
Pieces of peanut butter rice krispy squares rimmed with fruit leather and topped with colored rice pudding or coconut sticky tapioca and colored jimmies.

Pieces of peanut butter rolled with colored Twizzlers and dipped in chocolate to simulate seaweed.

Then more melted chocolate in a soy sauce dish with pieces of some kind of candy to look like wasabi.

Any other ideas?
Here's a few for you...
Make your own Halloween chocolate bars, and of course, the vegan candy group on Flickr.

P.S. I just found tricked out caramel apples on Chow. They're stuffed and then coated in caramel and crunchy thing. F'realz.


  1. You are the best! Please move here & feed me candy sushi!

  2. Every post makes me wish you were nearer.

    That sounds so fun!

  3. this sounds really neat. I expect pictures of everything!

  4. I will help you eat that candy sushi, just give me a call ; )

  5. YAY!! Halloween food! Thanks for the shout-out, Kittee! :)
    I just can't wait to see pictures of that sushi! YAY! So exciting!!

  6. Candy sushi sounds like so much fun! I wanna come to this party!

    As for rape greens, I've tried googling them too and all I can find is an entry on some site about wild rape greens in Europe. I'd never heard of them until my grandma started picking them. But she gets them from her friend's garden ... it could possibly be some made-up Southern name for something else.

    They taste a bit like collards and kale combined. Softer and less bitter than collards but stronger than kale.

  7. That is such a cute idea. I still remember seeing some sushi cupcakes a few years back using fruit roll-ups and swedish fish... I think tinier is better.

  8. Kittee...don't move to Portland: you know you meant to say, California.

  9. You are the best, ever! Sushi candy? I think I'm in love...

  10. Are you sure you don't want to move to Asheville or Nashville? We need coconut agar brains....

  11. all of that sounds really good. i have a bonafide sweet tooth and really want to make some candy sushi too. the recipe i saw in family fun magazine took pieces of pound cake cut with a circular cookie cutter, dip each side in a bit of frosting, then in coconut for the rice appearance, then covering the outer edges with the fruit leather. then they topped it with cut up gummi bears.

    btw, love the vegan candy corns.

  12. Oh, yes please! Send some candy sushi my way :D

  13. that sushi sounds so fun, what about using matcha to make a wasabi-like paste?


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