Thursday, October 9, 2008

mmmmm pickle.

I love me some Indian pickle, my favorites are mixed vegetable and lemon or lime pickle. If you've never tried this kind of pickle before, it's got little in common with western style pickles, except for the fact that they are preserved vegetables (or fruit) most often pickled in salt or oil rather than a water brine. I prefer a spicy, pungent oily pickle, but often pickle comes in a sweet variety as well. There are lots of brands and varieties to choose from, if you don't have access to an Auntie pickle supplier, I suggest you hunt some down since the taste experience will most likely change your life. And also, before you embarrass yourself, its pickle--never plural with an s, and this shit is strong, so you just need to eat a little little piece, until you acclimate.

My absolute favorite is Laxmi Brand, manufactured and distributed in the US and made with no artificial ingredients or preservatives.

Look! Nothing more than lemon, oil, spices and salt.

Laxmi is easily scored at well stocked Indian markets, so check it out. If you can't find any, Patak is another brand that's easier to find and makes a good variety, also with clean ingredients. I prefer Laxmi, 'cuz she's a snazzy dresser, and I like to roll with the goddess of wealth and material contentment.

Here's a picture of my lunch today. Enough material contentment for the week; uttapam with oily-good lemon pickle.

There are also lots of pickle recipes online and in Indian cookbooks. Dakshin has a lemon pickle that is really easy to make (you don't have to leave it in the hot sun for a month like many recipes will tell you), and you can make it with organic lemon. Seriously, there's nothing better than having a secret bucket of homemade pickle tucked away behind the vegenaise . Also, it lasts forever, unless you live in a hurricane zone and lose power frequently, in which case you can bring it with you on your merry evacuations.



  1. i LOOOOVE pickle! I think mango is my favorite. Lemon and lime are good, but sometimes too bitter for me. A dosa just isn't complete with some pickle and some mango chutney.

  2. aw! good post!

    we made so much south indian food last night, you have no idea!

    i will post later...


  3. re: jackfruit
    they're definitely shreddy! we didn't really shred them for these cause we were kinda rushing to put them together to eat while watching the debate, but they are definitely shreddy. is crab shreddy? i forget.

  4. I must try the pickle! That's so awesome that it doesn't have chemical nonsense in it.

  5. I've never had Indian pickle. But I'd probably be scared to try until I just read this post. Now you've convinced me. I should try them. Lemon sounds good.

    I did discover that I like Pickled Turnips last week. Had them at a Middle Eastern restaurant. Good stuff. And they're bright pink.

  6. I've been flirting with the idea of making my own pickles & pickling various veggies ( a kick-back after reading up on macrobiotics I think). I tried to pickle some lemons this summer, and I thought they were going to explode the jar! Not sure what the hell I did...I should try again.

  7. Lemon pickle used to scare me, but after trying it cautiously at the Indian place near my office, I am addicted!

  8. I'm the hugest lemon pickle fan ever! Really, the serving usually doled out at dosa places is sometimes not enough.

    Great post, but now I need to pickle up!

  9. me again! i'm going to make that lemon pickle soon as i finish up the mango one, which might be never, so maybe sooner than that!

    kittee, tell us about the uttapam -- did you use a recipe from dakshin? i've never made my own, but i want to. that was my favorite to order at the now defunct guru restaurant on india/"curry" row in nyc.

  10. i've had lemon pickle!
    i was having dinner at someone's house and the guy had cooked some kind of savory pancake and he also had made some of his own lemon pickle. it was kinda weird and kinda tasty.

  11. I need to buy pickle! I always see it in the Indian market & think of your love for it, but I never know which to buy!


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