Saturday, October 25, 2008


Dazee and I learned about George and his produce gig from our friend Stephen*, who is the best chef we know. George sells produce out of an old brake tag station wholesale to restaurants in New Orleans, and out of a store front with rainbow umbrellas for the rest of us. This week, I made two trips across the river to visit him--the first was to introduce a new friend to his fabulous stand, and the second was to fetch the tomatoes I forgot the first time around (I also brought another friend for the second visit, 'cuz I am on a mission to hook George up with The Vegans of New Orleans).

George stocks all sorts of local pickles and preserves: these are mirliton pickles (chayote squash to y'all, but we pronounce them "mell uh tawn") and the sweetest watermelon.

George has a really special place, especially if you're interested in New Orleans cuisine and/or want to get your mitts on a really great selection of local produce and groceries. He specializes in The Local and loves to talk about food, I always learn something new whenever I visit. On the last trip, not only did he explain to me and Stephanie the difference between green "wet" peanuts and dry "raw" peanuts, but he went into specific details about how we can boil 'em for ourselves at home. Too bad for me, since I hate boiled peanuts! However, I love listening to him talk about food, even when he's describing something really gross like venison sausage, because he's really passionate about it, and you can tell he really likes to eat. Talking to food lovin' characters like George is my favorite way to learn about cooking, even if it's something I would never eat in a million thousand billion years.

Local pecans--you can get them bagged and shelled or whole.

George is my number one go to for beans. You can get local dry beans, and he also stocks a freezer full of fresh field peas, crowlers, black eyed peas, limas and more.

Locally grown and hand roped garlic braids.

My usual local staples when I visit: garlic, cabbage, peppers, red onions, shelled pecans, sweet potatoes, seasonal greens, string beans, fruit (figs, citrus, melon, berries and peaches), file, dry beans, fresh beans and peas, eggplant, Creole tomatoes, and pre-sliced and frozen okra.

Here's a super posed shot of George and Stephanie, George grew up in his dad's produce stand and has been proudly running his own business for more than 35 years.

He's also a member of the famous Zulu Social Aid & Pleasure Club and hooked me up with my very own Zulu Coconut last Mardi Gras Day. He and his family decorate thousands of coconuts every year for Carnival, so if you stop by during the season, you'll see his business sharing space with a huge coconut decorating factory in action. Last year, he told me what float he was gonna be on, so when they paraded on Fat Tuesday, I could be sure to catch one form the source--the malt liquor was used to celebrate my coveted haul (check out what I'm holding in my left hand).

*If you're looking for a really great vegan meal in New Orleans, check out Cochon in The Warehouse District. Although it's not a vegetarian place by any means, Stephen can cook up the best vegan food you'll be able to procure in our fine city.

George's Produce
129 Terry Pkwy
Terrytown, LA 70056



  1. I liked this post a lot!

    That looks like a great place!

  2. Kittee, can I just say I love how colorful you are? And the fact that you are drinking OE only adds to the adorability!

  3. that place looks awesome, kittee!

  4. George's sounds like a magical place. If I ever get out your way I know I will so head over there - all those preserves, and the fresh, local garlic...
    Ok, did you make your strawberry fairy costume yourself? It's the coolest - does it come with OE?

  5. Oh my, how totally rad is that. I can't believe the price of those Pecans - BARGAIN!!

  6. This place sounds great! Now who is showing off with local local local?? ha ha

  7. So cool, I love seeing the local, unique finds from other places! Strong work getting the Vegans of New Orleans to the place too.

  8. Awesome!
    I'm comin' to NOLA in January, and I can't wait. I'm gonna hunt you down and have you take me to George's! I just LOVE a good southern food barn. However, I must say, it is outrageous that you don't like boiled peanuts. Boiled peanuts are one of my real faves.

    :) amey

  9. He should call it George's Gorgeus Produce! Get it? Get it? George's Gorge's? Oh forget it.

  10. the outfit is amazing as well as the produce :)


  11. I love discovering great local places. And I love your style.

  12. i get so excited in really good produce and grocery stores, i could wander the aisles all day! thanks for visiting (and commenting) my blog. I made the chocolate roll out cookies from papa tofu on the weekend to critical aclaim, so be sure to check out the post about them later in the week! I love your blog too!

  13. Aww, I love this story! Sounds like a great place & yay for local!

  14. Yay! I like your Mardi Gras suit.

  15. wow, i'd give my eye teeth to have a store like that around here! it's okay if you don't like boiled peanuts...that just means more for me. and your fashion sense makes me so happy. i used to dress up like you when i was in my early 20's, donning horn rimmed spectacles all the time and for some strange reason i quit doing it. maybe i should take a trip back in time. your blog makes my soul happy.

  16. oh man! now I miss New Orleans. My cousins lived there for many years so I always visited. I haven't been back since going vegan (but I was vegetarian at the time) I will have to make a trip!

  17. That looks like such an amazing, special place! You're lucky to have it. 5 lbs of pecans for $7!!!

  18. my friend! I'm so happy you made this post. I'm totally stopping in on my next trip to NOLA.

  19. That looks like pure heaven. I am so jealous!

  20. I finally made it over to George's last week and it was all as good as you said. George and his wife are super nice & chatty, and they were happy to hear you send folks to see 'em. They of course knew you well and gushed about you.

    I got the most gorgeously delicious tomatoes and the biggest hunk of mustard greens I've ever seen. And frozen black eyed peas, a dried lima beans and chickpeas...and and and! It was great. Thanks for helping me learn my way around New Orleans.


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