Saturday, October 4, 2008

Get Out the Hashbrowns.

I'm not an early riser, so when I get up before Vee and Dazee, you can be sure it's gonna be a lazy morning. First, I took cash out of the husband's wallet, then I scooted down to the Warehouse District to score some produce from the Farmers' Market*. The market is doing me some right lately. Today I bought a huge-huge bunch of pea shoots for $4--delightful. I also bought some apples, cucumbers, zucchini, Creole tomatoes, pre-sliced okra, green onions and shiitakes (from a cool mushroom co-op). I'm fairly satisfied with this haul, especially considering it's been a bit eh lately, and especially since it's only gonna get better with satsuma season skipping in soon. Also, pea shoots in October--sweeeet.

So I crept quietly back into the house and prepared a little breakfast/brunch thang. Homemade hash browns and sausage with the above mentioned greens. The hash browns were easy: I parboiled a few red potatoes for about 5 minutes, then grated them up coarsely with a small wedge of onion (which I squeezed out). Then I tossed them with salt and pepper and patted them down onto a cast iron griddle to brown on both sides in some canola oil.

hashbrowns with bbq sauce, sausage, pea shoots and a bit of lantana [ham & eggs] from the garden.
Pantry items used: TVP and BBQ sauce.

We're off to vote! We have a big election today, judges, Congressional representation and district attorney whatnots.



  1. I want those apples!! and everything else, but especially the apples!

  2. I don't know what pea shoots are, but they look pretty and fun. Maybe it would be possible for you to make me hashbrowns too?

  3. Glad you got a good haul at the farmer's market(hmm, over on Isa's blog she says we need to call it FarMar but I'm still working on that). Those hash browns look yummy.

  4. Look at all those goodies! Those hashbrowns look so crunchy and perfect!
    Happy voting!

  5. i love it better when aa comes with, but there's a certain joy in sneaking out to the farmers market while your partner sleeps. fun and yum!

  6. So pretty! I wish someone in this house would make me a wonderful looking breakfast like that!

  7. How sweet are you! Damn, I wish someone would make me some breakfast/brunchy goodness!

  8. Pea shoots are soooo delicious. Love hashbrowns, too - they might be my favorite way to prepare potatoes. Looks like the perfect meal to me!

  9. i am reading this entry way too hungry and way too late at night. i will eat my screen.

    also, I SERIOUSLY LOVE THIS BLOG. i said it before and i'll say again. FREAKING AWESOME. You are my new Vegan Friend whether you like it or not. I do not care.


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