Saturday, June 21, 2008

Seitan Trials

I want to post bug shots, but I'm holding back for your sake. I have a fully loaded arsenal of aphid/swallowtail caterpillar/ladybug larvae pictures I might possibly spring out at any given moment. Prepare yourselves.

I also haven't forgot about the seitan trials I began way back during veganmofo. It's just that, there's only so much gluten two people can eat. I've been experimenting a bit too, which is how I spent a few hours this afternoon. While it frigg'n poured like wild baboons outside, I steamed itty-bitty-mini seitan loaves and played with taste and textures.

I learned a few things:
*ground flax (not milled) adds a nice texture, if you want that sorta thing in your seitan.
*my palate leans towards a more oiled loaf and using a good tasty green olive oil makes a big difference.
*too much chickpea flour makes seitan bready.
*vegetable broth doesn't really change the flavor profile.



  1. I love your bug posts! And I think your seitan bites look super-cute (and great plate, too!)

  2. Very interesting! I want to try the flax seed idea. And I love your bug posts. Food or bugs, it's all good by me.

  3. Little tiny seitan loafs! How adorable. Almost as cute as that skull spider, but likely much more tasty.

  4. Those are so cute. I could just gobble them all up!

  5. Well, check you out seitan master! When can I get my hands on some Kittee-made Kake & Seitan?! Or Seitan Kake?!

  6. You are the queen of seitan!

    I still love your bugs shots, tho'.

  7. that vegan andouille you brought to knit night tonight was amazing! I think we'd all be happy to taste test your creations as often as you can come up with them.

  8. Very cool-can't wait to see what else you come up with!

  9. I've never encountered some of the beetles, spiders and stinging catterpilars that you document. I hope you get to enjoy beautiful moths and butterflies when they transform. Pictures of those in the future?

  10. It's cool, because I get to marvel at your caterpillars over on flickr- they are fascinating!

    And thanks for continuing the seitan tests- this post is making me very hungry. I'm glad to know about the veg. broth not making too big a difference, because I'm all out at the moment.

  11. Are you... are you alive? *looks concerned*

    I wanna see more bugs!

  12. good to know, I'm always trying to hone my seitan-skills. especially the flax tip!

    (and bring on the beautiful bugs!)

  13. i would absolutely kill for some of your setan right about now.


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