Thursday, May 1, 2008

My first green smoothie.

I've been reading about green smoothies a lot recently. I know it's something that would be good for me, I don't eat enough raw vegetables, and I eat too many sweets. In fact, most of you probably think I only eat sweets, based on the posts in this blog (I'll take a lesson from Dazee and neither deny nor confirm this claim). Whatever the case, I've pledged to try to be healthier this month. I want to eat more raw vegetables and less cooked crap and baked goods and to drink a green smoothie everyday. I'm also especially inspired by my friend Dave, who has been getting wonderful results from McDougall's Program for Maximum Weight Loss. I might try a hybrid of these ideas and see how it goes.

Bubbye delicious peanut butter butterscotch cookies and leftover banana kake.

Hello green smoothie, I'm not sure I really like you yet...

My first green smoothie went like this:
a handful of fresh spinach
a leaf of kale
a ripe banana
three ice cubes
unsweetened plain soymilk

How'd I do and what could make it better? I'm thinking the bananas need to be frozen and almond or rice milk...



  1. I love the new look, totally in sync with the smoothie flavor!
    I have been wanting to branch out and go green, smoothie-wise too, but haven't dared yet.
    the cookie pic? oh my. I want.

  2. The smoothie looks really good! But I'd use water instead of milk and a carrot or another fruit wouldn't go amiss.

  3. Hi ya! I'm a newbie to your excellent site and confess a similar love of all things sweet'nvegan. So, how about tossing in an apple or green grapes to sweeten up your smoothie a bit?

  4. Yes freeze your banana. Adding frozen berries also adds texture and sweetens it up. You can add your precious strawberries if you feel like it.

  5. The secret to making green smoothies taste good is mango. Mangoes cover up that "green" taste better than any other fruit.

  6. i make a very similar green smoothie, except i use a pear as well, and some unsweetened almond milk and a little vanilla extract and CARDAMOM. then, you can pretend you're baking something! (sort of) they are real tasty once you find a recipe (or two) you like.


  7. My friend Devin made green "smoothies" with spinach, a squeeze of lime, and seltzer water. They weren't bad. Not technically a smoothie, but worth a try.

    miss you

  8. apples are a really good mix to a green smoothie, both for their sweetness and water content. I *love* adding frozen strawberries and blueberries to mine... freezing fruits (even the bananas) gives you a nice, thick, shake-like consistency and is super refreshing for a hot day!

  9. oh, it helps if you have a vitamix to break everything down to a nice, creamy texture. sucks that they're so expensive!

  10. I'm not sure if I can get on the green smoothie train, but I do thunk I need to lay off the baked goods for a bit! It seems impossible with all the fun warm weather events coming up & a bottle of homemade caramel in my cupboard! hehe.

  11. kittee this post is in perfect sync with what i want to do. i've done the mcdougall maximum weight loss program before and am looking to do it again but modified a bit.

    i'm also thinking about green smoothies for breakfast. i think freezing the banana's would be great for the smoothie. when i would make myself a green juice i would add an apple to it to help with the taste so maybe some frozen apple juice would work for you!

    good luck!

  12. We have the same cherry glasses! Cute!

    I've been wanting to make green smoothies, too, after seeing so many blog posts about them! I definitely agree that the banana needs to be frozen and I always add frozen fruit to any smoothie I make. I don't like soy milk in almond milk would give a good texture and I <3 rice milk, so that's always a plus for me.

    I really like the suggestion someone gave to add Mango! Sounds fun!

  13. I second the mango suggestion! Mango freezes well and makes green smoothies nice and sweet while still being healthy.

  14. I think the smoothie should be all fruit/vegetable, so if you take out the soymilk and use some type of FRESH juice instead, that might help, plus a couple of dates!

  15. you need to add frozen pineapple!
    I have a green smoothie every morning with a handful of baby spinach, few chunks of frozen pineapple a couple of scoops of soy yogurt and apple juice! Its absolutely fantastic, and neon green!

  16. I had my first green smoothie on Monday. I will have many more!

    I used: 1 handful of spinach,1 mango and 1 banana. I blended the fruit with a little water then added the spinach and a few ice cubes. The next day I had the same smoothie, but added a snack size can (about 1 cup) of pineapple. If you don't freeze your fruit add a few ice cubes or you will be drinking a WARM green smoothie - yuck!

  17. i love this mix for my smoothies:

    1 banana
    2 handfuls of spinach
    1 mango, or 1 cup of fresh pineapple, or another yummy fruit (or a 1/2 cup of fruit juice)
    1 tbsp agave nectar
    1/2 cup water
    5 ice cubes

    try it - it's super yummy! :)
    blend and enjoy

  18. I don't know about the green smoothie, but those cookies are yummy!

  19. frozen bananas are key - I used to work at a juice bar. We'd slice them first, then freeze in big bags and you can add them like ice cubes. I also like to add a coconut-pineapple juice to the blend. yum (hopefully...)!

  20. YAY FOR GREEN SMOOTHIES!!! Oh, I love them big time :)

    I've been adding lots of cinnamon to mine lately, as well as some nutmeg (which goes wonderfully with dark leafy greens).


  21. When I make smoothies, I like to use only frozen fruit. Chop up some bananas and stick them in the freezer and then buy or freeze whatever other fruit you want. Then just add whatever juice to thin it out. Apple is a good one that doesn't add any overpowering flavor of its own. When I make green smoothies, I usually just add some greens powder or a vegan protein powder with greens. There are some really great unsweetened ones out there. Nature's Life makes one called Super Pro Green or something like that. Yum!

  22. Chop and freeze a banana. Add it to the green mix along with canned pineapple w/ a little bit of pineapple juice in lieu of the soymilk and ice. Yum!!! And it stays a pretty green color!

  23. I like to drink vegetables smoothies even people said that it is disgusting. those has many vitamins that can help people who has cancer.


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