Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Mo' caterpillars n' stuff.

I haven't been up to too much lately and that includes cookin' and bakin'. I finished the Buttony sweater and have started on another one, but with variations (a vintage stitch on the sleeves). I've been drinking and enjoying green smoothies (I've kept to the same recipe), I've been buying vintage recipe pamphlets from Ebay, and I've been sewing skirts.

Oh, I've also been plucking.

Yes, the caterpillar is poopin'/just pooped in case you were wondering. That's it's butt, not it's face...

Cruanky Bianca is fed up with all of the caterpillar posts and has given me the EW award. As you can see, she thinks I'm nasty. Well stop reading my blog then Bianca! Damn.

Lovely Celine was wondering how I'd describe myself in six words (she enjoys looking at bugs):
  1. short-waisted
  2. patient
  3. crafty
  4. friendly
  5. platform-wearer
  6. collector
How about one more caterpillar shot, ya know for posterity?



  1. have I told you lately that I love you?

  2. Kittee you rock girl. I made my first 2-layer cake thanks to some kick ass advice from your website. It turned out awesome and now I'm already envisioning an 8-layer behemoth. Mmmm.

  3. i love your caterpillar stuff, your recipes and your blog

  4. Ha! I actually love the caterpillar posts! But I also love the crunky (I mean, cranky) Bianca name! I should change my blog to Vegan Crank...but then people might think it's about vegan crystal meth...never mind.

  5. How do you know that the caterpillar won't sting your little hand?!?

  6. I'm glad no one confused my face for my butt. There's one small thing to be thankful for.

  7. hahaha - good job living up to the EEEEWWW rating with a lil caterpillar doodie thrown in there. =)

    I am past the spot on my buttony sweater where you leave the sleeves on holders and work the body. I have been ridiculously busy at work, but I get in a few rows every couple of days waiting at the dr's office to get allergy shots. I really like it a lot so far, and it hasn't confused me yet. I just need to figure out if I will use any shaping or not - I think not, because I like my clothes pretty loose-fitting.

  8. Haha, Lepidopteran larvae are the cutest, especially when they're poopin'.

  9. The caterpillar pictures are amazing! I really love them!

  10. If you haven't seen Microcosmos already I highly recommend it.

    It features, among other things, the most graphic snail sex scene but also some really gorgeous footage of caterpillars.

  11. sweater photo please??

  12. dude, what's with the haters? I LOVE your caterpillar photos- I've learned about so many new and wonderful kinds, and it's fascinating. on another note, I kind of love the "Ew" award- I'd wear it with pride! What gross thing could I post on my blog to get one? Hmmm....

  13. I love caterpillars, but I had never noticed one pooping until now! Fantastic!

  14. I have only used ebay once and was kicked off the bidding because I was new. I was so insulted that I got mad and quit. I should go back. You should show me the way. Glad your still in New orleans.


  15. That's a lot of poop. That caterpillar must be vegan.

  16. Kittee, you asked about the cookie dough cake I made last month...I posted this in response but figured I'd put it here too to make sure you saw it. I poured the cake batter into the pan then pushed balls of raw cookie dough into it, but I’m sure it would also work to put the cookie dough in then pour the batter over. The cookie dough obviously baked a little inside the cake, but it still felt and tasted raw, which was what I was hoping for. The dough on top was raw. Next time the only thing I’d change would be to roll the dough balls much smaller for better distribution.


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