Sunday, May 4, 2008

Green Smoothie Success

Just now, I gobbled down a delicious green smoothie! Thanks so much for all the input you've given me, this was a booty slappin' success.

Here's what I blended:
2 ice cubes
1 banana
1 pitted date
3 cubes frozen mango
a big handful fresh spinach
a big leaf of raw kale
enough unsweetened almond milk to make it whirl.

I'm going to experiment with some canned pineapple too, but it may not be necessary. I found an affordable bag of frozen organic mango, and since this smoothie only uses a few cubes at a time, this works well for me. I'm really happy with the taste and texture of these ingredients. I think I can probably handle a couple a day (which is my goal).

Also, in case some of you want to read more about green smoothies, my friend Dave lent me Green for Life by Victoria Boutenko. It's a pretty easy read, discusses the benefits of green smoothies and has some recipes.



  1. horray for green smoothie success! i'm going to have to give your recipe a try.

  2. Yay, Kittee! You've inspired me to try this, too. I've bookmarked everyone's suggestions and I'll be trying them this week, starting with the recipe you just listed.


  3. Great way to get your greens and fruits at the same time!

    BTW, I'm passing the "E for Excellence" award to you!!

  4. whew! i was waiting with baited breath. (seriously) this combo sounds good and tasty. i might try this with some of my rice protein powder and maybe try to squeeze in a little extra fat. (i'm one of those few who are actually trying to gain a few pounds)

  5. Mmmmm... I love green smoothies. I have one every day! Bok choy is another great and healhty green to use in smoothies. I also use only frozen fruit -- it can be pricey (I like pineapple, cherries & wild blueberries) but I eat a smaller supper when I have a large smoothie and the cost eventually balances out.
    Greens for Life has so much great info in it!

  6. i'm really glad you have found a green smoothie you like! i think replacing the soymilk with almond milk was a good choice (but then again, i'm more of an almond milk fan). have you made almond milk before? it's fun!

  7. sounds gorgeous. frozen mango, must write that down...what about some beet juice? tho' that may mae your smoothie more, um, chocolate-looking!

  8. the texture does look really good! that's the key in green smoothies, I think, I can't stand them when they're watery.

    I had one this morning. I put in:

    1 banana
    handful of papaya (I think your mango might be a good sub for this)
    handful of frozen raspberries (it's still not berry season for us!)
    DHA oil
    big handful of spinach
    orange juice
    bit of soy yogurt (I love the yogurt flavor and texture in smoothies)

    it was GOOD!

  9. I just got a juicer and am learning to like green juices....I love the idea of a green smoothie. I've been admiring all this liquid greenery from afar. Time to jump in.

  10. I'm not sure if you're doing this already, but I've found that using frozen bananas really makes the smoothie more creamy. I often drink this: 1 frz banana, handful frz mango, handful greens (usually spinach or kale), and water for the liquid (though orange or pineapple juice is great if you want something sweeter).

  11. i need to get back on the green smoothie bandwagon so thanks for the motivation. one of my favorite additions to a green smoothie is about a tablespoon of spirulina powder. it's packed with good stuff- like protein, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals- and adds a crazy blue green colour, that makes you feel like a total health nut for drinking it, but doesn't add a bitter taste.

  12. Just wanted to LYK that you inpired me to try a green smoothie! Who knew they could taste so good!?? I changed up the ingredients and made one with what I had on hand. The link takes you to my post about it. Thanks for the inspiration!


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