Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Garden Fever

Sorry to abandon Cake Maker for so long. Vee and I made the long trip to visit my family in DC and when we got back, the weather was so nice--so very nice. I've been feeling blah for so long, the sunshine and dirt under my fingernails really did some good. The beginnings of the garden are finally established, and now I'll probably focus on starting some purple datura from seed (since we had a freeze this year, they died along with my mallows, which I am still mourning).

On Sunday, I drove out to Hong Kong Market and shopped, picked up some staples, and then hunted up some fun things too. I found this amazing edible and vegan candied fruit that I'd love to top a cake or use to decorate cupcakes. They're made mostly of soy and coconut jelly, and although I have no interest in eating them, Vee thought they were promising and gave them lots of licks while I was trying to photograph them.

I'm guessing a persimmon.

Perhaps a kumquat?

Obligatory cherry shot.

Vee poses alongside a candy strawberry.

I have a lot of garden pictures to share too, but maybe too many pictures for one day. I'll leave you with a favorite, flowering mustard greens and the newly painted candy striped fence.



  1. Glad you're back. I had cakemaker withdrawal. Those fruit candies are so cute! More garden pictures please!

  2. Yay =) Glad you are pulling out a funk. I feel like I am too. The weather definitely has a lot to do with it, although Spring makes me dread Summer.

  3. Awesome fence! and those fruits look amazing. yay for spring and growing things (and dirt under fingernails)!

  4. Missed ya', Kittee. And I hear you--I need some sunshine. Pronto.

    Those little fruit candies amazing. Whoever made them is like the Chuck Close of the culinary world.

    I <3 your rainbow fence.

  5. I wanna come live in your backyard with the plastic owls...so cute! I can't wait to own my own home, so I can do fun stuff like that with paint!

  6. everything you make turns to candy gold!
    that fence = LOVE for the outdoors.

  7. i could totally eat that cake. kinda reminds me of Cherry Delight....
    vee's such a cutie pie!

  8. I LOVE the fence. And Vee is so handsome!

  9. What a fun post- cute candies, cute fence and the cutest pup.


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