Saturday, January 26, 2008

Good Question!

I love checking my blog stats to see the queries that bring new folks here from the big search engines. My favorite one from today, "how much do cake makers make?" I make jack banana. Hello, whoever you are, I hope you got the answer you were looking for.

But thanks for this opportunity!

A Dabble from the Kittekake Hall of Fame:

Orange Rose Dazeekake for dazee's 40th birthday.

Carrot cake with penuche frosting and almonds for Amy.

Strawberry with rolled out gumdrops and googly eyes for Melissa!

Chocolate cake with chocolate cream cheeze frosting and chocolate roll out cookies for Katrina.

From my chai series-- with Sunspire solid chocolate Earthbombs on top, another for Amy...

A pink cake for helen, I can't remember what was inside, I think this was chai too. With vegan gumdrops and beet frosting. It reminds me of a Piggy Song.
Pink bike, pink bike, pink scooter that I never had! It could've been blue.

Cherry cake! The butter cream has chopped maraschinos and cherry liqueur in it with dyed coconut.

Penelope's birthday cake '07, chocolate with sugar junk.



  1. I love the slightly mad look of that strawberry. now the question is how many cakes do cake makers make in how much time :)
    And how do you people check your blogger stats? is it a blogger-built-in-feature?

  2. your cakes are sooooo cute. all the people you make them for are lucky ducklings. my favorites are the pink cakes... although if i could pick one for my birthday, it'd be the carrot cake. and yum! with candied ginger?

  3. I'm in love with Penelope's and Katrina's cakes...and I'm using your rolled out gumdrop idea for Super Bowl cupcakes! Now, to start planning my own b-day cake...

  4. Tried googling "How much good karma vegan cakemakers get", but alas, there was no link to your blog.

    Love those cakes, they're beautiful!

  5. but, but-you're the cake maker to the STARS, for jeeb's sake!

  6. This post makes me so happy with all the pretty cakes. You are so talented!

  7. I love looking at your pretty cakes. Lovely and tasty looking!

  8. Your cakes are b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l Kittee! I want one. Can you make me a cake for my birthday?

    Love the question from the stats.

  9. P.S. Your gumbo looks amazing, and I love that the sausage worked well in it.

  10. I sense a theme with the pink icing! How cute they all are, though.

    It is really funny to look at the google searches that people use to get to our blogs. I get some really weird ones at times.

  11. is it wrong that i just want to smash my face into all of these? and devour them in rapid succession?

  12. It may be jack bananas, but you get to eat cake. Whenever you want.

    And that's something.


  13. Your cakes are stunning. Absolutely gorgeous!

  14. What I wouldn't do for a kitteekake of my own! They're the COOLEST!

  15. Your blog is weird; old posts keep showing up in my feed reader over and over again. But that is quite alright because it keeps bringing me back and I've been such a drooling fan of yours for ever and ever. :D

  16. holy crap i love this post so much! i have missed too many of your cakes, but you do awesome work, lady :) no, seriously, beautiful cakes, and so, so, SO much fun, every one of them. i really need to make more cakes, i'm suddenly realizing.


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