Monday, December 17, 2007

Home From India: Intact!

Dazee and I made it back to New Orleans on Friday, after almost three straight days of traveling--we've since conquered our jet lag and bathed--yup, we're clean, rested and rarin' to go!

Crunchy fried chickpea flour, nut and dal snack mixes.

India was a pretty intense experience, so much so it was hard for me to take photos, Dazee did most of the picture taking, but I had a great and very interesting time. I've traveled to developing countries before, but never to a place that sucked the spit out of my mouth quite the way India did.

Ubiquitous after meal fennel spread.

What I'll miss the most:

  1. Utthapam, dosas and vada with sambar for breakfast and thalis with brown rice.
  2. Boys and men holding hands and lovingly draping theirs arms around each other.
  3. Ornamentation and design on everything.
  4. Maaza
  5. Eating with my hand.
  6. Fennel and sugar after meals.
  7. Markets and shopping.
  8. Ladies only areas and lines.
  9. Tuk-tuks (auto rickshaws).
  10. Squat toilets.
  11. Loads of pure vegetarian restaurants (no meat or eggs).

A masala dosa in Udupi where they were first invented!

What I won't miss much:

  1. Public spitting and farmer nose blows.
  2. The constant need to sterilize water.
  3. Stomach cramps.
  4. Cold showers.
  5. Bitter gourd.
  6. Being stared at 24-7.
  7. Getting on and off buses and trains as fast as humanly possible with a heavy suitcase.
  8. Dirt and grime under my fingernails.
  9. Black boogers and heavy, dirty air.
  10. Stinky smells, poo and other walking hazards.
  11. Stinging ants that clamp on and don't let go.


  1. You're pretty brave to go. I think I would be too chicken (so to speak). How was the language barrier?

  2. glad you got home same and unscathed! I've never been, but I heard that india's intensity is like nowhere else. you're a veteran now!

  3. Welcome back Kittee & Dazee! I'm glad you had a nice trip.
    My uncle's list of things he disliked about India was quite similar to yours. I look forward to hearing more about the trip & boy, do I want a dosa now!

  4. Welcome back! I'm glad to hear that you had such a great time. Some friends of mine went to India for a few weeks in the fall and absolutely loved it.

  5. welcome back! i'm so relieved.

  6. Welcome home Kittee. You were missed!

  7. I'm so glad you had a great time, and even more glad that you're home safe with stories and photos. You've been missed!

  8. welcome back! glad you made it in safe and sound. This post paints such a vivid word picture of India, just makes me want to go more, black boogers and all...

  9. Welcome back!
    I've read that India changes a person...hopefully you like the new

  10. warrior two:
    we were surprised, but we certainly did experience a language barrier. lots of people spoke english, but we couldn't understand them and for the most part, they couldn't understand us either. it really was only a problem with tuk tuk drivers and in restaurants, but not too big of a deal, just something we didn't expect.

    Thanks for the welcome home, everyone.


  11. That sounds lovely! I hope you bought lots of spices to take home and cook up fantastic indian food with.

  12. ha ha!
    your lists about India are wonderful, and pretty much right on. I am heading back there for my second time.... leaving in just a few days. Sadly, I'll be near bombay this time... not in South India. the food there is SOO heavenly. Glad you made it home in one piece.

  13. Welcome home!! Sounds like an amazing, life changing trip. I have always dreamed of visiting India. Glad to see your lists of things you'll miss and the things you won't.

  14. How did I miss this? I totally loved India when I wet lasy year, but I won't miss the black boogers, either.


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