Saturday, November 3, 2007

VeganMoFo: Seitan Roundup

I've wanted to do a study in seitan for a long time, and what better timing for a gluten recipe roundup, than a Vegan Month of Food? I'm a bit worried about the situation that's bound to take place in my freezer, we're talking about a lot of wheat-meat here, but since I love seitan a million times more than tofu or TVP or other "analogs", hopefully me and Dazee can eat ourselves through it before next hurricane season? I propose to test popular or interesting seitan recipes, ones which call for "vital wheat gluten" rather than scratch recipes from high gluten flour, to see which ones are best in taste, texture and simplicity. I think I'll play this along the same lines as The Cookie Wars, on Herbivore, but since I'll be making all of the seitan myself, the results should be more scientific and consistent. Here are the recipes I'm planning on using, but please let me know if you think I've forgotten any important ones--I want to limit the roundup to a maximum of ten, or I will freak out.
  1. Basic Seitan Dough: The Bold Vegetarian Chef by Ken Charney.
  2. Seitan: Vegan with a Vengeance, by Isa Chandra Moskowitz.
  3. Basic Seitan: The Real Food Daily Cookbook, by Ann Gentry.
  4. Homemade Seitan: Vegan Vittles, by Joanne Stepoaniak.
  5. Bryanna's New Beefy Seitan, by Bryanna Clark Grogan.
  6. Marinated Seitan Medallions: The Millenium Cookbook, by Eric Tucker & John Westerdahl.
  7. Lachesis' Seitan o' Greatness, by Lachesis.
Oh boy!


  1. There is also a good recipe in the beginning of Vegan Planet that I have been using lately. I am very excited to see your results.

    Praise seitan!

  2. Celine at Have Cake Will Travel has a really quick baked seitan that is pretty different from the Seitan O'Greatness:

    Can't wait to see the results!

  3. this seems very fun! my favorites have always been boiled. good luck, I am sure you will find a way to use all of that yummy stuff up.

  4. I've always loved Bryanna's Beefy Seitan Roast from the Cooking with PETA cookbook (1997). It's so simple and you can cook it overnight in the crockpot.

  5. I look forward to seeing your results! I'm still a seitan newbie, and have to admit my reaction to it is usually hit-or-miss.

    I'd say 2 recipes you HAVE to try are from FatFree Vegan: the seitan pepperoni (my favorite by far) and the seitan ribs. Amazing. Drool-worthy.

  6. You rock! This is something I have been hoping someone would do. I have yet to find the perfect seitan recipe so I'm eagerly waiting for your results.

  7. What an endeavor! I'm so excited for the results.

  8. I always read your blog, but will be following more closely than ever with the seitan roundup! I've always wished someone would do this. How exciting!

  9. I'm all over the Millennium seitan from the Artful Vegan book--don't know if the preparation is the same as in their first one, but they bake it in a covered dish and it absorbs the water in this way that makes it tender and flavorful and soft but textured. I greatly prefer it to boiling...anyway, don't know if any of the recipes you've got on your list call for that kind of prep, but it's something to try. Good luck with your continuing experiments in seitan experimentations!

  10. I'm very super excited to follow your experiment. I, too, am a seitan enthusiast. There was a company in SF, I think they used to supply Millenium, the restaurant. It was, simply stated, the most perfect seitan ever. One of the guys who made the their seitan would come around with blocks of it where I worked at the time ... But who they were or how they accomplished their culinary feat I do not now know.


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