Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Vegan Cashew Cheeze

I know, the last few days have been all Joanna, Joanna, Joanna, but since she's been inspiring me, I can't hold back. With her ohs and ahs about the baked macaroni with cashew cheeze in The Real Food Daily Cookbook, I thought I'd try it too. But first, I had to make the "Cheddar" Cashew Cheeze. I refuse to call it cheddar, it doesn't taste a thing like it, but it is very tasty with a really good texture. I fibbed the recipe a bit, I only had 1 cup of raw cashews, instead of 1 1/4 cups, so I made up the difference with blanched almonds. I also used 1 packet of Eden agar flakes plus this miracle packet of agar powder that Michelle bestowed on me in Portland. Seriously, it's this tiny packet, but it's sooOOo full and it just flowed forth forever. For true, it was insane. So, I have no idea if Anne Gentry or Joanna's cheese is as firm as mine, but it's making me happy, with it's angular look and cheese-like point. I haven't gotten around to actually cooking up the macaroni yet, but I did stuff some of this inside breaded seitan pockets last night. Is that gross? I really enjoyed it, since it reminded me of fried mozzarella sticks. Anyway, while I was trying to get the damn agar to melt, I was chatting with Jordan and had a big spillover.

ruh roh

But I ask you omnivores, can you do THIS with your dairy cheese?

In the end, cooking with seaweed wins!



  1. yes!
    The last bit of neatness here - the fact that you can pick literally 'peel' this cheez from things, especially your food processor, is probably my favorite thing about it.

  2. oops, that's me. I was weirded out that it called me jessica.

  3. i think that the next time i make it, i need to actually let it harden into the cheese.

    oh and i'm totally adding jalapenos!

  4. Alright, I guess I'd better make it next. It's pretty cool the way it just peels off the stove. If only all spill-overs were like that.

    I still have to figure out though how much powdered agar to use. I think Joanna said 1/2 cup or something, but that seems like an obscene amount of agar.

  5. julie -- i have no idea how much was in the packet that michelle gave me. i'm just guessing. it SEEMED like the packet contained a lot.

  6. Aw, thanks for the add back! I still don't trust vegan "cheese"--except in vegan sausage cheese balls (perhaps the weirdest thing I make for every road trip)--but I might have to try this recipe sometime for those.

  7. Just one more way vegans are superior to omnis. Haha :D I have a block of cheez in my fridge right now just waiting to be sliced and put in every single sandwish. I looove cheeze.

  8. KITTEE!!!!!!!
    your cheese has a firmness that i envy. and omnivores cannot say that. they just couldn't. it would be dirty. i think the double agar punch you pulled made it uber-real!!
    okay, miss julie. get one packet of agar powder at fubonn and you are set. that's it what does ann gentry say? 2 oz. or something? i am too lazy to get up at the moment. email me if you need me to read you the recipe. xo to you all, cheese lovers. you're my people!

  9. I've made this once before & I love it with jalapeños! Mozzarella sticks - nasty/tasty! woo.

  10. haha--i've totally done that with my "cheese" too! i love it. i know the recipe says you can add jalapenos to the cheese, but i like to stuff the peppers with the cheese and bake them. they are the delicious that way!

  11. Kittee!! Do you have a Vitamix? I've got the opportunity to buy one of the Professional Series for $290. Should I do it??


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