Saturday, November 17, 2007

Thanksgiving TVP Today!

I'm excited, The NOLA TVP (Totally Vegan Potluck) is today, (I haven't gone in several months), and it's a Thanksgiving theme. Since dazee is a hater and planned for us to leave for India on Thursday, this is my only chance to get in on some vegan feasting. Look real hard, and I bet you can guess what I'm bringing. Later I'm baking up a birthday kake for my friend Penelope--she makes six today!



  1. good god. are you trying to kill me? with sadness that i am not there? does dazee know what a lucky man he is? i am full of questions and desire for that meal.
    i bow before kittee the tofu queen.

  2. VAJAYJAYYYYYYYS! I went to a vegan potluck today as well; lucky us!

  3. Is this recipe in papa tofu or somewhere


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