Friday, November 16, 2007

Mr. Carrot Stump Took a Trip...

I don't eat a lot of snack food. If I get hungry, I usually dig in the fridge and make a plate of food. Lately though, maybe due to too many pumpkin cinnamon rolls, I'm not sure--I've been craving big organic carrots. Yesterday I bought a big handful of 'em, and I like to eat them scrubbed and unpeeled as far down to the top as I can go. When I get to the top, I nibble away at every last bite, till there's just a little round brown stumpy thing left. I had something like that waiting for dazee in the car yesterday. He took one look at it, and hurled it out the window--his complete lack of asesthetic really gets to me sometimes. Bubbye, Mr. Carrot Stump!



  1. I thought I was the only carrot-stump chewer! my cat sometimes gets to them if I don't toss them poste-haste tho. :p

  2. how cute- I can totally picture you nibbling away. I appreciate your aesthetics, kittee! I'm like that- I eat the ENTIRE apple or pear, other than the stem. I'm ... crazy like that.


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