Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Cook's Illustrated and Jamaican Patties

I'm pretty obsessed with cooking and food, I'd much rather look at a cookbook or thumb through a cooking magazine than read an actual novel. I prefer reading regular ol' omnivore magazines and cookbooks over veg*n ones, they're much more interesting to me--I enjoy veganizing mainstream ideas, and I often learn from them in ways I don't from the veg*n press. One of my favorite magazines is Cook's Illustrated, if you can get past reading about big chunks of meat, there's usually a lot of really interesting and pertinent information. For instance, the December issue has an article and recipe about a "foolproof" pie crust that I wanted to try (it only needs Earth Balance instead of butter, an easy swap). The author discusses the components of what make pie crusts work or fail, and then busted into the CI test kitchen to make several hundred versions, until it was just right. The final version uses a secret ingredient, vodka, as a tenderizer--apparently it forms less gluten strands than water (the alcohol bakes out) and makes a tender, flaky crust.

My friend Patrick is having dinner with me tonight, so I thought I'd grind up the results from the first seitan roundup and use them to make Jamaican patties. My version is an amalgamation of tradition meat and veggies pies: seitan, peas, corn, cabbage, scallions, bread crumbs, creole seasoning, allspice, smoked paprika, pepper and fresh parsley. I stuffed them in the dough recipe from Cook's and we'll see how they are served up with mashed potatoes and Creole tomatoes.



  1. pretty - and sounds spicy and yummy.

    ps - i've added you to my blogroll!

  2. I really love Cook's Illustrated, too. My uncle started me reading it a few years back.

    And those patties look phenomenal!

  3. Man - every single post you make I think DANG I wish she lived closer. I too love cooking magazines. My big guilty pleasure is Martha. I frigging love the way her stuff looks. I can never get it 100% *on* but it's always fun (or really obnoxiously frustrating) to try. I especially like taking super mega meat-y recipes and switching them around. If only I could re-create my grandmother's fried chicken ... I'm still trying though.

    So far I have perfected several vegan southern cookin' items. Cornbread dressing is my personal best accomplishment =)

  4. Damn those sound good.. hey Kittee have you thought about the wonderful travel destination that is Halifax?


  5. You're amazing! I love that you make dishes I don't see anywhere else.


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