Thursday, November 8, 2007

beans beans the musical fruit

I must make beans more than anything else--I'm pretty sure they make up the majority of the protein in my diet. Usually once a week I cook up a pound of 'em, and then the man-wife and I just eat them for meals throughout the week. A few months ago, I was all about my pressure cooker--beans can be whipped up really fast under pressure, without even the need to soak. These days, since my pressure cooker died and I inherited an ancient crock pot, I've discovered this is a much better way to go. It's so very easy, and when dinnertime comes around, the beans are just incredibly soft--with a ridiculously small amount of work. They literally melt on the plate, and have so much more flavor even when made with the same ingredients I used to throw into the pressure cooker. My only concern is the vintage crock pot I use doesn't have a polarized plug, so if I'm out most of the day (I like to turn it on before work), I worry needlessly that my house might burn down. So far, so good!
Beans, beans, the musical fruit.
The more you eat, the more you toot.
The more you toot, the better you feel.
So eat your beans with every meal!
Beans don't mess with me either. Not at all, no extra farts over here. My #1 choice is pintos and my least favorite is black beans, but really I'm happy with them all. Except for pasty Lima beans, like Mrs. Smith fed us in the 70s.

Here's how I fix them in my crock pot:
  1. Rinse and drain a pound of dry beans (white, red, black or pinto).
  2. Throw them in the crock with enough water to cover by 4 inches.
  3. Add a chopped medium onion, a good shake of salt free Creole seasoning and two dry chipotles (rip off their stems). You can also add a small can of no salt chopped tomatoes (just reduce the water).
  4. Turn that baby on high and stir when you get home from work nine hours later.
  5. Add salt and season to taste--it's important to add the salt last, after the beans are already soft, if you add it too soon it'll toughen up the beans' skin and prevent them from becoming tender.


  1. Hey Kittee! Yeah, I'm all about the pressure cooker too. But, I should drag my slow cooker out and give it a little attention too. Thanks for the idea. So you don't soak your beans first before adding them to the cooker? I'm going to put some up tonight. Yum. Now you've got me craving creamy pintos.

  2. My crockpot is sorely under-utilized. You've inspired me to cook beans in it though--your's look almost like refried beans, mmm! But maybe that's just the photo?

  3. Okay, now I want a crock pot.

    I <3<3<3 beans.

  4. Julie,
    I emailed you a reply.

    I didn't make the beans in the photo, those are from a restaurant in Cleveland--didn't mean to confuse you there.

    You can get them from the thrift store, I always see them there. Just watch out if it's old and look for one that has an intact cord and plug.


  5. This has only furthered my love affair with crocks and slow cookers.
    My counter space may have to have a few words with you.

  6. Yay beans! I especially love gigantic butter beans, but I have never quite gotten them to come out like my grandmother makes them. I wonder if the salt thing is the key! I'm totally trying it this weekend.

    Also - I never use my crock pot. I need to bust it out!

  7. you know, I feel so silly. I never once thought of cooking beans in a crock pot. What a great idea. I have shied away from using dried beans because I never do end up cooking them long enough to make them all soft and awesome. I think I'm gonna try it this weekend.

  8. Thanks for the beans recipe. Though not my fav, I do try to eat eat it every now and then

  9. a lentil, or split pea, that tastes somewhat like dill? do you know what that's called?
    that's my favorite but I have no idea what it's called. a local shop has it in bulks but has somehow forgotten what it's called

  10. He nieces were singing the song last week while on a visit.
    The crockpot? I can't believe I haven't thought of this. This week, black beans are my favorite! I just thought I'd speak up for them since you didn't give them enough credit.

  11. Oooh! I need to use my crockpot more, so this is SO useful to me! Now does it have to be 9 hours? Can I put it on other settings & still get tender beanie weenies?!

  12. Kittee, please tell me where you ate those delicious beans in Cleveland. I'm going there this weekend (and travel there relatively frequently) and would love to have some delicious beans, rice, and plantains.

    -Megan T-W


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