Friday, November 9, 2007

Bakin' and the New Orleans Bookfair

Tomorrow is the New Orleans Bookfair and the debute of Papa Tofu! Besides my cookzine, I'll be selling my friend Helen's book, Recipes for Disaster, which she wrote as a DIY guide to processing film at home. I'm also selling some crafts I've been working on: hand knit mole covered ear cozies as well as polka dotted electrical panels and of course, some baked goods. My plan this morning was to make a tray of peanut butter cocoa puff bars, chocolate chip cookies (one batch semi sweet and the other white), and some chocolate sandwich cookies with mint ganache. I called General Mills first thing, because I wanted to check on the veganness of Trix cereal. Although I've checked about their cocoa puffs before, today the CS Rep told me they couldn't confirm whether their vitamin D is synthetic or animal derived, it seems they source it from both places. That put a dent in my plans for about five minutes, then I zoomed over to the store and scored some honey and D-free Barbara's Bakery Cocoa Wild Puffs. I actually debated over some fruit flavored cereal rings and some peanut butter puffed thang, but decided to stay loyal to the cocoa puff theme. So there you have it. The point of my post, don't let any haters tell you it's not possible to make easy and delicious vegan treats. xo kittee


  1. hey kittee!

    boy do i want a copy of your cookbook as soon as you're ready to sell it outside of nola!

    aa wants to top a casserole with booty, and it reminded me of you. not because you've topped stuff with booty, but you know.

    miss you!

  2. Oooh, I hope your book fair went well today. I can't wait to have a chance to get your book (I wish I could have been in New Orleans so I could also score some of your treats and best of all... ear cozies! I'm here in the arctic, so my ears could use all the cozy they can get.)

    P.S. I love my pressure cooker, but I think I want to try your slow cooker method, too. Like you, we eat spectacular amounts of beans here. Like, pounds.

  3. wahoooooooooooooooo kkkkkiiiiiiiittttttttttttteeeeeeeeeeeee!
    how did it go? how how how? want to know. love you. hoping great. let us know.
    and any extra copies you got how 'bout sellin' 'em to me for le herbistore?

  4. I want your cookbook badly (please)! You are adorable in that pic and smiling widely considered the food you were next to all day.

    Your food looks wonderful!


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