Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Candy Corn!

My new friend Melisser, from The Urban Housewife, was inspired by a candy thread on the PPK and decided to veganize a recipe from epicurious.com for homemade CANDY CORN! Not only did she attempt this feat for herself and her family, she attempted it for the universal common good of all vegans everywhere! Thankfully I got to benefit directly from her incredible charity, 'cuz she mailed me some and they are so-so-so pretty (and delicious and have the perfect texture ta boot).

Can you tell I'm excited? She sailed them to my world covered in plastic bubbles in a manilla colored envelope and not one broke en route. When I realized what was in the package, I kicked a big watermelon aside, dropped a handful of cookbooks (I'd just come from the library and our local produce stand) and tore in. So delightful. So fun. So shiny!

Really, you should try these for yourself. They are bigger than life, have the perfect al dente bite and just warm your tummy with October goodness.

I'm pretty happy! Thanks again, Melisser!

Check out The Urban Housewife STAT for directions and more photos.


  1. Wowee! Those look amazing. I love love love love it when the Halloween-ish treats start coming out. Now if only the weather would follow suit.

  2. Hooray! I hope your watermelon & cookbooks survived being cast aside, both physically & mentally, hehe.

  3. Oh man, aren't they just the greatest? Now I'm totally addicted, and I might have to drop out of school so that I can just make candy corn all day. Yum!!


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