Monday, August 27, 2007

tofu burger results

I've been eating a ton of salads recently, and I have a new super-favorite dressing. It's pretty salty and briny, so you might not like it, but I think it's deelish. I've served it to hippies and omnivores and it went over well, so maybe it's acceptable for public consumption. I dunno.
Anyways, all you do is mix a big scoop of Vegenaise with a tablespoon or so of Braggs--it'll get pretty thin. Beat out any lumps and then add in enough nutritional yeast (nooch) to thicken it up again. Oh! So tasty.

Esme wanted to know how the tofu burgers came out. The texture is really good, they didn't fall apart or crumble at all, but I added too much salt. I think they need a bit more flavor too, but that's probably because I've been eating them plain. On a bun with fixin's they'd be good, and in the salad I'm eating right now, they are perfect.

Here Esme, see for yourself!



  1. woo! they look really good and your dressing sounds fantastic!

  2. The dressing sounds goood. I don't have any Braggs though. Hmm. Maybe I will pick some up next time I'm @ the co-op.

  3. That dressing sounds awesome. I was never big on mayo when I was omni, but I can't get enough of Veganaise!

  4. That sounds like my kinda' dressing.


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