Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Puddin' Pie

I feel like I sorta have this cutesy-pootsie image. Really, it's not that I'm girly so much--although I definitely don't come off as too edgy. It's more like I have a strong aesthetic about what I like. So our kitchen, it's all sorts of colors, the walls are turquoise and "wasabi", with lots of red accents and other colors-like neon orange. One thing I love in there with all the color, is tons of pink accents--utensils and appliances in pink are my favorite! While in PDX, My friend Michelle was sweet enough to bring me to a massive Asian market.

I was able to add to my current pinks: an ice cube tray (for freezing pesto and Thai curry pastes), a spoon rest, a silicon baster (I got this at their regular market and have needed one forever) and some pink pearlescent chopsticks.

I'm very pleased. The background fabric was picked up at Fabric Depot, I'm gonna make another skirt with it and edge it with the orange lace trim Mama Kim gave me.



  1. where is fabric depot, kittee? and please don't tell me portland! i don't want there to be yet another reason why it's nicer there... (dave & i are shaking in our boots)

  2. love your new blog kittee!

    this is stargazerlily65 from LJ. I have a vegan blog too, check it out if you're interested.


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