Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Mole Collection 2007

These are the first installments of my mole series for 2007. I knitted them with my favorite hat pattern, which you can adapt to any gauge and any sized head. The bobbles are really easy, they're from the now defunct Spun Magazine's Twiggle Bobble Hat. Both of these are going to some sweet littles I know.


To create a bobble, K into a stitch, being sure not to slip the st off the left needle, Yo, and K into the same st again, this time slipping the st off the left needle on completion. Turn your work and P back across the 3 sts you just made. Turn again and K 3 sts. Turn yet again and P 3 sts. Pass second & third sts on RH needle over the last st made.

Bobble closeups, are just as much fun as food porn. Just squint your eyes a bit and pretend these are cupcakes. Yum!


  1. This post is so timely, you don't even wanna know! Thanks for the links to your fav. hat pattern + instructions for your modifications. Way cute =)

    devilbunnie from LJ

  2. those are amazing! they remind me of a cardigan my grandma knit me. prettypretty.

  3. kittee!!! i didn't realize that you had officially opened this up! it looks great! the strawberry doll for big rubes is so adorable.


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