Friday, August 10, 2007

Group Tomatoes

I'm sitting around the house knitting and procrastinating today. I have a list of errands to do, and instead I want to focus on multi-colored bobbles and closeups from my work room. These are my well loved jars. They hold (from top left to to top right): buttons, cool flower shaped rice pasta, vintage plastic buttons from the 50s, more old buttons, ball buttons from old hair rubberbands, fabric yo-yos and mexican chewing cup wrappers. The anthro tomatoes are Mardi Gras throws which stand in as pin cushions, and the apple on top was a prize I found at Thrift City a few weeks ago. Soon, I'm heading out to one of my favorites--The Interntational Market, I need to pick up some supplies, because tommorrow I'm making masala dosas and sambar to celebrate Dazee making 42!

Dosas are one of my favorite things to make, though they take a lot of preparation so I only cook them a few times a year. They are thin south indian crepes (with a bit of crunch) that are made from fermented white rice, dal and a hint of fenugreek. Sambar is another S. Indian classic, it's a thin dal based vegetable soup, that is highly spiced (spicy and seasoned) and can have fiery heat.


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  1. yummmmmmm........
    indian food by kitte. that dazee is one lucky man. i wish i was there to eat dinner tonight.
    i have a huge bunch of garbanzos cooked up & i'm thinking chole. you think chole, or should i try something else?


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