Saturday, August 25, 2007

Cookie War, Over!

So despite what dazee might say, I'm no blabber and I'm not about to give away the outcome of our Cookie War.

Instead, how about a cute shot of Dave wearing his brand new Herbivore shirt and our Official Fake Egg Blindfold?

I gussied up some of the cookies for the benefit dinner tonight. Here's a selection filled with a lavender tinted almond buttercream:

And more filled with a sweet peanut butter buttercream:

My cookies were only so-so compared with the others. That damn applesauce, you can't make a cookie crunchy with it.

Here's Jenn trying to force feed them to me, since she didn't like them.
Mean, Jenn!



  1. Kittee! You are amazing. They look beautiful and that pb one looks to die for!

    Are you going to open your own shop one day? I wish I lived closer to you! Force feed them to me!


  2. okay people. new orleans cookie pride RULES! dave, you're going to be the model for the shirt on the herbivore website, just so you know. kittee, get a shot of yo'self where the shirt shows and we can have a new orleans give a damn showing!
    plus, those cookies look phenomenal. and i'm not exaggerating.


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