Wednesday, August 1, 2007

The Bold Vegetarian Chef

I recently ransacked the NOLA public library on Loyola and came home with a huge stack of cookbooks. I fell in love with a few of them, and now I'm dragging my feet, since I need to return them today or tomorrow. When I called to renew them last week, the librarian on the phone expressed interest in several of them. Listen up librarian, those books better not be checked out when I come back from traveling at the end of this month--or there's gonna by trouble at the check out desk!

My favorites in the stack include: Raw Food Real World by Mathew Kenney and Sarma Melngailis (I made some flax crackers and want to make the beet raviolis with cashew cheeze), Fresh Food Fast by Peter Berley, Olive Trees and Honey by Gil Marks (I plan on buying this, it's an awesome resource) and The Bold Vegetarian Chef, by Ken Charney.

I've read through The Bold Vegetarian Chef about five times so far, although I've only tried one recipe: the "amazing tofu teriyaki" on page 121. I've made it twice so far, and just now I used the sauce to braise some baby bok choy. Holy shit, is this a good recipe. Dazee and I have been running out to Jefferson Parish to purchase the most local tofu we can get, which comes from Houston. The tofu is very firm and super fresh with no sour aftertones, so we thought this recipe would showcase it well. Crap, this recipe churns out tofu glazed, brown and sticky and just perfect--very much like something you'd gobble up in a restaurant. I can't wait to try more,do you hear me, library lady?? Other things that tickled me: a whole section on seitan including "white meat" and "dark meat" variations, spicy two bean tamales and a ton of tempeh recipes.



  1. hi kittee--

    i like your new blog. i read this morning that cafe gratitude (in sf and berkeley) has a new cookbook. that should be a good one...

    enjoy portland! i'm new around here so i don't have a lot to recommend but i know saint cupcake can be trusted for some good vegan treats.

  2. hmmmmm....

    i want to know how to make "dark meat" and "white meat" seitan....that sounds really good.


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